Best Country in Europe to Work and Live

Best Country in Europe to Work and Live

Europe is the coolest destination on earth to pursue higher education. But it houses more than 40 countries. All counties look similar in Europe but have a different mindset and values. Each country is unique, has a different history, and there is always something new and interesting to discover. Regardless of the destination you choose to study, work and live, almost every country promises you a different experience. It gets difficult to decide which is the Best Country in Europe to Work and Live. You will learn a new language when you work, study and live in Europe. Most of the education imparted to international students is in English however to survive and build a bind with the local community the knowledge of the local language is a must. In terms of the educational benefits, many countries from Europe are home to some of the top-ranked universities worldwide. Students benefit from a highly supportive and multicultural academic environment and you can find a plethora of English-taught programmes. Golden Future take this opportunity to share the names of a few countries where you can make a successful career.

Countries in Europe allow their international students to work while studying. The expatriates are also allowed to join short and long term courses in universities. Let us discuss the few countries here.

Work and Live in Europe

There are a few countries that offer a unique combination of work, study and live. All you need is the right guidance from professional work and visa consultancy services. Golden Future has listed down a few countries to help you out in this confusion and choose the ideal country to Work and Live in Europe.

Sweden - The country needs no introduction. You need a valid student visa to stay, study and work. It allows you to work for more than 40 hrs. per week as a student. After completion of studies, you can find employment opportunities as well.

Denmark - The student visa in Denmark includes the right to work 20 hours/ week during the academic year and fulltime during the breaks. Even if it’s part-time work the pay is more than rewarding with the average pay being 16 USD per hour.

France - In France there is a guaranteed minimum salary, which is 10 USD/gross per hour. As a student, you will be allowed to work 20 hours per week. With part-time work over the weekends, you can make up to 800 USD.

Finland - Finland allows US students 25 hours to work per week to its students and full time during breaks. You can easily manage your living by earning around 500 USD per month in Finland.

The UK - The UK holds a lot of opportunities to study and work. The part-time jobs for a student can yield up to 800 USD per week. The country also allows students to search for work after completion of the study programme.

These are just a few countries we name which are the Best Country in Europe to Work and Live. For more information, you can get in touch with us. Our expert counsellors will suggest you the right solution as per your aspirations. As mentioned, every country is different and provide opportunities to Work and Live in Europe.