Can you work on Student visa in France?

Can you work on Student visa in France?

France is the best destination in Europe to study. It is home to the best universities of world and have one of the best education infrastructure in the world. France is an affordable country for studies in term of universities or college fee in Europe. However, cost of living is comparatively high. Hence study in France for Indian students can be a costly affair. In such conditions, there is no harm to make an extra buck to fund your daily expenses and requirements. The law of land allows you to work on Student visa in France. But hold on, there are few criteria that you need to meet before you start work while studying in France.

  • The University or the institute in which you are enrolled should be a part of National Student Healthcare Plan.

  • If you are studying in France for a long duration course, you do not need a residence permit. But if you are enrolled in medium term course like 6 months, you might need to apply for a residence permit.

  • You can start working form the 1st year of your programme in France.

  • You can work for maximum 964 hours per year if you work on student visa in France.

  • The minimum wage guarantee is 9.67 Euros per hour for people who work on student visa in France.

  • Out of your total wages weekly, you need to pay 20% of it as a social contribution.

  • If you choose to work while study in France, the university must not pose any objection to it.

  • You also need to make sure that your class timings and work timings must not clash.

France is also the best destination in Europe to study because French universities assist their international student by allowing them to work within university itself. In such cases, French universities adapt their time table of classes and other academic activities accordingly. If you choose to work in university itself (where you are pursuing your studies), you would be allowed to work for not more than 670 hours per year. As a mentor career consultant for France, we suggest all our clients to explore this option first.

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