Malta work permit visa

Malta work permit visa

The application process to get Malta work permit visa starts once the work permit license is processed and obtained by the employer. If you wish to work in Malta, you need to have a Maltese residence permit. There are different brackets that fall under different categories, hence we advise you to get professional guidance before applying for Malta work permit visa of Malta residence visa. We, at Golden Future, have a vast experience in dealing with Malta residence and work permit visas. We specialize in student visa for Malta, business visa for Malta and work visa for Malta.

One way to get residence and work permit for Malta is to first get a tourist visa and later apply for the residence once you are in Malta. The Malta residence permit is subject to get renewed annually and not permanent in nature. Another way and this is the one we usually recommend to our clients, is to avail the advantages of Malta residence and visa programme. However, with advantages, Malta residence and visa programme also brings some control measures opted by the government of Malta. To apply for a visa under this programme following are the conditions you must fulfill:

  • You must maintain a residential address in Malta. If you already have a student visa and a place to stay, you may keep the same and apply for the residence permit provided that you have secured the employment in Malta. 
  • You have to commit to a 15% tax of the total income you earn in Malta.
  • If you have family or planning to bring your family members in Malta, you must be self-sufficient to take care of them independently. 
  • Residence and work permit in Malta are subject to your employer’s declaration that he/she tried its best to fill the vacancy by Maltese or European citizen but failing to do so, the job was offered to you. 
  • To be a part of Malta residence and visa programme, one needs to invest in government bonds, rent or buy property in Malta and pay an administrative fee as well.

The conditions mentioned above are indicative in nature. The demand for other requirements can be generated on case to case basis. Hence, it is advised to hire a professional visa consultant to avoid any last minute error. Golden Future, has produced a number of real-time success stories in getting residence and work permit visa for Malta in the last three years. If you wish to study in Malta, planning a job in Malta or wish to invest in Malta, get in touch with us. Our professional advisors would ensure that your dream come true with a successful visa application process for Malta.