two year work visa for international students in UK

Two year work visa for international students in UK

The UK has been the most preferred destination among Indian students when it comes to studying abroad. The revised norms that allow two-year work visa for international students in UK after completion of studies make it at top of the list of destinations for studying abroad. UK has always welcomed international students for long, it enrolls 5,00,000 students annually in its 395 universities and colleges. The UK education system is one of the oldest and has produced some of the greatest minds of the world. Studying in UK’s university is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, experience a new culture, and enjoy new lifestyles and experiences. Indian students get plenty of support at university, and a chance to experience a great student lifestyle. The new work visa for UK comes handy to all interested Indian aspirants looking for a bright career.

The UK is one region which allows you more time than any other country to look for jobs after completion of your course. Among the big draws for students is the high quality of life and good employment prospects after graduation. As soon as you graduate from any university or college in UK, international students need to switch their visas to a work-related one if they wish to extend their stay. The earlier law in place allowed international non-European students to get the extension and search for jobs only for four months, however, new laws allow two-year work visa for international students in UK. Now no-European students including Indian students can now stay up to two years in UK after their graduation and work up to two years.

The new rules of work visa for UK will enable all students having legal visa to study, to work or job hunt at any skill level, career and position which meets their requirements. The aim of establishment in UK is also to attract talent in the field of engineering, technology, and management to UK, which is the forte if Indians. Hence it is a golden time to make the best use of the opportunity. These rules tend to get revised every now and then. In the year 2012, the work visa after completing the studies was reduced to four months from two years.

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