Work while study in Malta

Work while study in Malta

Aspirations of studying in Malta for Indian Students are on the rise. Indian students always look for quality education along with some fun when they plan to study abroad. The island nation of Malta is small but offers a lot compared to other European countries. We, at Golden Future, are professional education visa consultants for Malta having rich experience in successfully processing Malta Students visa application forms. But before one plans to study it is advised that you must have a clear map of financing your stay in Malta. Working while study in Malta has become easier in past one year. Recent changes in government policies have made work while study in Malta more comfortable, with following conditions in place:

  • Student can only apply for work in Malta after the initial stay period of 3 months. So if you have been enrolled in a course which lasts less than 90 days, you won’t allowed to work while studying in Malta.

  • Students need to apply for employment license in Malta after their first 90 days gets over.

  • Students are also need to find the job or work on their own and then can apply for the work permit.

  • Students in Malta are allowed to work for maximum 20 hours per week.

  • Students must also attend their classes for minimum 15 hours per week during work while study period.

  • The employment license obtained under work while study license cannot be converted into full time employment.

  • If you change your employer during your studies, your previous license gets expired and you would need to apply afresh for work while studying in Malta.

  • The license to work expires along with the validity of Malta visa issued for studying purpose.

If you are planning to study and work in Malta, we at Golden Future can help you out in obtaining study visa for Malta. Our assistance will ease out your burden of application process and guide you better in preparing student visa interview of Malta. Now it’s over to you! Get in touch with us for detail application process and other requirements to apply Malta Student visa.