10 reasons to study in europe

Change your life for the better

1. New place, new life, new perspective

Living and studying in Europe is a wonderful experience to have. We are in this industry for years now and it would be hard for us to find any individual who regrets the decision of studying in Europe. At the same time, let us also accept the fact that it is not easy for everyone to find their way in a sudden change in their lifestyle. There are people who can adapt to the new environment easily whereas some people do take time to adjust. However, within a month or two, one never complaint about the decision made in the past. The primary reason behind this is, one gets the chance of meeting new people from different nationalities, faith, beliefs, attitude, etc. This is where all the fun and learning begin. The multi-dimensional aspect of life brings a positive change in personality that all individuals have appreciated to date in the international and local communities.

It’s never been easier to travel

2. Easy to travel, no commitments

Europe is one continent that allows you to travel from one country to another without a particular country’s visa. If you are a holder of Schengen visa holder, then you are free to ram in 28 member countries of the Schengen area of Europe. Traveling while being a student is always fun. No commitments, no restrictions apart from studies make it exciting. Universities in Europe allow you enough time to explore different places. There are groups, within universities, who at a time may sponsor your trip as well. The belief in Europe is – you learn when you travel.

Experience new cultures firsthand

3. Experience the local life

Traveling to Europe is not the same as living in Europe like a local person. A local from a foreign country, sounds exciting, right? Satisfy your curiosity about delicious food, beautiful serene outings, sights, smell and what not. All this with the company of your multi-nationality & multi-cultural friend group. Actually, it is not only about new experiences, but also develops a global perspective in one’s mind. It teaches us to respect others and gives you a global mindset to survive in the international community.

Develop foreign language skills

4. New Language

When you choose to study in Europe, you add a foreign language as well in your kitty. Each country has its own language for communication. The university studies are always offered in English but local people are more comfortable with their local language. Citizens of countries like the UK, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, etc. are comfortable with English but in the case of France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, etc. a proficiency in the local language makes life easier. There are part-time courses at the university level to teach the local language. This additional learning is a valuable addition to the CV. knowing other languages apart from English is appreciated in international organizations. It also becomes easier to look for a job after your course completion if one is well versed in the local language.

Boost your career prospects

5. Bright Career prospects

There is nothing like an international degree in your domain of interest. Most of the universities in Europe are internationally recognized. The quality of education is proven and excellent. The leading global universities help you to develop skills to compete in global markets. Multinational corporations are also looking for dynamic personalities who can adjust in all sorts of environments. They prefer people who know about different working and social culture. Studying in Europe enables you to deal with such things during your university days only. Hence you gain a competitive advantage over other candidates with bright future prospects.

Support your further study goals

6. Ease of further studies

As mentioned earlier, education from European universities is internationally recognized. The tables can turn in your favor if you have done graduation from Europe and wish to pursue masters from Europe only. The country may be different or the same. Because of your last degree, you will get extra weight in the application process. The same applies to the case when you wish to pursue a doctorate program and your master’s degree has a European university badge or symbol.

Make new friends for life

7. New Network

When you move out, you get to meet new people. Studying in Europe will expand your network in different countries while you stay in one. The multiple foreign nationalities you meet out of your comfort zone make you bond quickly. There is a high degree of chances that you find commonalities among your friends in spite of being from different backgrounds, class and nationalities. The network you will make with locals have its own merits. In this digital age, you can always keep interacting, exchange the thoughts to grow and prosper mutually.

Have fun!

8. The Fun

The exciting part of studying in Europe is your newfound friends, their interest, love, and passion. To date, you might like one or two sports, but exposure to the number of sports will be different fun. Your day to day life, exploring local areas, cuisines, picnic spots, etc. cannot be defined in a few words. Your time in the new home country will give you enough opportunities to visit to have fun. When you are in Europe, and your visa permits, you can visit more than 30 countries on the single visa you have.

Develop your interpersonal skills

9. Enhance interpersonal skills

With our experience, we learned that being an outsider, people start appreciating their own values much better and respect the differences of opinions. Their communication skills and the power of observation enhances drastically in a foreign land. In a foreign land, people appreciate other cultures, religions, thoughts and start understanding more gestures. We believe that with the tons of practical life skills that you will learn while studying in Europe, it would boost your confidence and interpersonal skills. These skills are needed at handy by organizations as well while they search for global level employees.

Learn about yourself

10. Personal Growth

We grow in a protected environment at home. We are being guided all the time that left little scope for our own personality development. But as soon as you go in Europe, you are on your own. You make your own decisions, you learn about yourself, and become more responsible for yourself. The journey from the comfort zone to the stretched zone is one thing that shapes your career and lifestyle. You become more mature, self-reliance, and choose your own path of success. This is the best thing that can happen to any individual contributing to personal growth!!.