Upcoming Webinar

Study in Luxembourg

21 May, 2022, Saturday

Luxembourg, a charming little country, situated in the heart of Europe between Germany, Belgium and France. With having the highest monthly wage pay in the EU and being the second richest country in the world, Luxembourg makes it a tempting option for choosing it as our studying as well as the working destination.

Well, do you know? Luxembourg is one of the world’s major financial and business centres, and a tax haven.

In the Webinar, Topic that will be covered in detail are:

1. Top reasons to study in Luxembourg

2. Top universities

3. Eligibility and Deadlines

4. Tuition fees and Scholarship options

5. Popular courses and scope of it

6. Cost of living and part-time job available

7. Upcoming intakes

8 Step by Step plan to How to prepare for study abroad in Poland

9. Funding requirement

10. Visa Procedure

11. Post-study permits and PR.

It is a FREE interactive Webinar with personalized counseling. 

Date: 21st May 2022, Saturday

Time:  2 pm 

Duration: 40 - 60 mins

Place: You would require Laptops and Mobile phones to stream it live.

Bonus: Live Q/A round and on-spot profile feedback.

Limited seats. Hurry up now!

Link to register: https://forms.gle/58dJHE417DH4jJVV8


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