At Golden Future, our motto is to provide a fun, safe and stimulating work environment for our employees. We believe in providing an environment where our employees are extremely focused and productive while at the same time retaining their human touch. As a consultancy firm, our employees often have to interact with clients and have to do so with a smile on their face. We believe that a happy employee ensures a happy client! With this end in view, we endeavor to encourage them through mentoring, merit based appraisals, a liberal leave policy and team building exercises.

We are proud of our work force, who come from various backgrounds and whose hard work, brilliance and dedication have helped the company achieve its goals of facilitating global opportunities in education, career growth and relocation for our clients. We believe that our employees are instrumental in pivoting the company to the heights it has reached today. We are an equal opportunities company and follow a strict merit based no discrimination policy when it comes to hiring. Golden Future has a liberal maternity leave policy and we actively encourage women to return to work after childbirth, by helping them find the balance between work and home life, by providing flexible working hours and option to work from home.

We conduct various employee engagement activities like company parties, a celebration of important days, charity drives and regular medical check-up camps for all our employees. Our vision for the future is to be ‘the most preferred employer in the industry’ through our HR policies and the various employee engagement activities that we undertake, as well as providing opportunities for our employees to develop their talent and grow organically in their careers.