Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Why limit yourself with few options when we can help you open the whole of Europe for students.

A key to success in business is always staying hungry for doing more. Therefore, we are providing an opportunity to expand your business with us and never limit your boundaries.

As one of the pioneers for Europe, Golden future is here to assist you with multiple options available by opening 26 countries of EU. Agent satisfaction has always been a priority for us and we won’t have to prove our credibility as our work will speak for us. Our Company was started in 2008 and since then we have achieved a lot and it can be noticed by our Google ratings.

With over 300+ partners all over India, we have a special team exclusively for agents who guides and cooperates with them in each and every way possible. So why don’t you join us and experience the way we work and decide for yourself.

Why join us?

  1. connections with 500+ universities
  2. flexible and efficient services
  3. systematic procedure and data access
  4. 25+ countries
  5. commission at regular intervals
  6. accurate and structured guidance through webinars

Grow your business in just 3 steps:

  1. Partner with us: Open the window of opportunity for students to choose from a wider countries options and universities with our association.
  2. Choose your service: Select a service you wish to opt as per your requirements.
  3. Accelerate your business: Experience a range of tools, resources, support, and timely guidance to boost your company's growth chart.