Our Story

Golden Future is founded and led by a first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Rahul Amit Sheth. When Rahul entered into the field of foreign education he quickly identified the lacuna among Indian students about European education and its vast benefits. The visa agents and education consultants had their focus limited to few countries which are already overcrowded. Hence, Golden Future was started with the sole aim to disseminate the immense benefits of European Education to Indian students and other international students. Today Golden Future is the only education consultancy in India which has its exclusive focus on European Education.

The team at Golden future led by Mr. Rahul Sheth has counseled over 50,000 students to date. We take immense pride in claiming that 90% of them have secured admissions in prestigious universities. Today, all of them are on the trajectory of growth and success. Golden Future works directly with admission and funding departments in European universities making us adept in securing required scholarships to study abroad.

Golden Future also started its global community outreach programme few years ago. Golden Future has conducted various seminars under this initiative imparting knowledge and benefits of education and career prospects in Europe. These seminars addressed concerns of over 1,60,000 aspirants in 60 countries worldwide till date. The frequent feedbacks and replies that Mr. Rahul Seth use to get on daily basis are more than just a motivating factor for us.

Rahul Seth

Apart from consulting and having an in-depth knowledge of the academic world, Mr. Rahul Seth has a passion for education, and in particular for helping the most disadvantaged to access it. He has formed the nonprofit Sheth Education Foundation with a specific mission to provide access to education for the most disadvantaged children and women and has received awards from various entities.