About Us

This Company is led by a first generation entrepreneur Rahul Amit Sheth. When Rahul entered into the field of Foreign education he saw that Indian Students were totally Unaware about the benefits of European Education and the consultants in India were only offereing their services in limited countries .Thus Golden Future was started with the sole aim of providing the benefits of European Education to Indian students and students from other countries. Today Golden Future is the only consultancy in India focussing only on European Education.

Rahul Sheth has counselled has succeeded in achieving admission to a prestigious European university. In addition, 90% of those students win some form of scholarship or funding thanks to his direct experience working for the Admissions and Aid Funding department of a major European university. 158,000 students, graduates and professionals from over 60 countries have attended his seminars on overseas study, graduate career guidance and continuing education.

Rahul Sheth, is one of India’s most successful education consultants. In practice since years, Rahul has counseled over 48,400 personal students and has delivered seminars to over 158,000 people.

Rahul Sheth

Educated at the University of Navrachna, Shanti Business School and has certificates from major universities throughout the world.He has first-hand experience of studying, working and living overseas including working in Admissions and Funding departments. He has degrees in Psychology, Business and Law and is a Certified Careers Advisor.

Rahul’s business philosophy is driven by his belief that education is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal, and that a lack of knowledge about how the educational system works should be no barrier to entry.

“Knowledge is power”, he says. “I link this directly into my business philosophy, which is about putting students first, giving a personal service and genuinely caring about them and their success.” Rahul’s track record is impressive. Every student he has counseled has been accepted to a university or higher education setting. His knowledge of grant and scholarship funding systems abroad means that 90% of his students achieve some level of funding support, and 20% have achieved full scholarship or financial aid packages. Rahul feels that getting the right advice in this area is crucial for students.

As well as an in-depth knowledge of the academic world Rahul has a passion for education, and in particular for helping the most disadvantaged to access it. He has formed the nonprofit Sheth Education Foundation with a specific mission to provide access to education for the most disadvantaged children and women, and has received awards from various entities.

Rahul Sheth is also an avid biker by passion and has travelled across India on his Bullet and now he is planning his first Cross Country tours. He has been involved in various social activities on a a national platform and lead many social initiative projects by government and he is also a part of Aasmaan Ngo

Vision & Mission


To be global leaders in giving career direction and enlivening lifetime dreams of aspirants who want to migrate to Europe.


To help European aspirants with unique and end-to-end comprehensive personalized services through a professional and holistic approach.