Rahul Seth

Our Story

Being in the Education industry for more than 10 years now, Golden Future has evolved to achieve set standards of excellence. It is Founded and led by a veteran in the field of overseas Education Mr. Rahul Amit Sheth who works for the betterment of the student future so that they keep focusing on their brighter career and live their dreams

The principal idea that differentiates Golden future from other consultancy is we exclusively focus on European countries. There has been a void between European Education and Indian students. Importance of it is still unknown to a larger section. Moreover, it has been noticed that the primary focus is on only a few common countries which are already overcrowded. And hence, the foundation of this consultancy is to disseminate the benefits of European Education to Indian students and other international students.

The team at Golden future has counselled over 50,000 students till date and have sent a maximum number of students to study in the different parts of Europe. Regardless of one location, we have been successful in securing admission and procuring visas for students all over India and other countries who aspire to study in one of the prominent study destinations. We counsel students based on their academic performance, aptitudes, personality and special interest while guiding and advising them on several options and academic pathways for them to accomplish their career goals. Today, all of them are on the trajectory of growth and success. The company represents some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in Europe. Besides, having worked directly with admission and funding departments in European universities, we have gained an edge in obtaining required scholarships to study abroad and helping out students financially.

Our mission is to shape our client’s future by imparting them with the right information through various platforms so that they can attain quality education at an affordable cost as well as receive International exposure which will enhance their resumes. Emerging with the digital era, Golden Future conducts various informative sessions online for aspirants who can get access to myriads of details at their convenience. The feedbacks have been overwhelming and has inspired us to come up with interesting content each time.

Apart from consulting and having an in-depth knowledge of the academic world, Mr. Rahul Sheth has a passion for education, and in particular for helping the most disadvantaged to access it. He has formed the nonprofit Sheth Education Foundation with a specific mission to provide access to education for the most disadvantaged children and women and has received awards from various entities.