Prepare For Student Visa Interview For European Countries

How can I prepare for my Student Visa Interview for European Countries?

To be prepare for visa interview, it is worth to note the objective for the same. Let us make it clear that the sole purpose of the any visa interview especially for European countries has following objectives:

  • Your genuineness of being a Student
  • Proficiency in English
  • Why you have not chosen to stay in India to pursue study?
  • Why you have chosen the particular course in a particular university and a particular country?
  • Your financial support to fund the studies
  • Your ability to live up the expectations of the course, university and country
  •  Your travel plans / planned itinerary
  • Any other objective apart from studies
  • Your awareness about the local language, currency, food, climate and other social cultural factors that might affect daily lifestyle

In any visa interview, the immigration officer only interested in one thing that you are not faking anything about the information you have disclosed in your documents. Most of the questions that will be posed in an interview will evolve around the information that you have already shared in the form of documents along with student visa application. Hence it is the best practice that you should neither hide nor exaggerate any of your achievements or failures. You should be honest in your answers. The immigration officers are highly experienced individuals who can judge the person by their responses. Therefore, when you go for visa interview do not aim to impress him/her by trying to be smart.

We, at Golden Future, as a professional student visa consultant, has seen many cases where brilliant students messed up with their visa interviews in the lack of proper guidance. Hence, it is always recommended that you must take professional guidance before you start your visa application process. In many cases, we have witnessed that documents and the interview responses mismatched which raised the doubts in the mind of immigration officer. To avoid such blunders and avail every opportunity, you can hire a professional visa consultant like Golden Future. Our rich experience in the field would never let you stuck in any stage of the visa processing. So hurry!! Get in touch with us.