Invest € 50,000 Set up an Innovative Business No Initial Job Creation Targets


Do you have an innovative business idea? Want to execute it in any of the European countries? Why not go to Ireland? Startup Entrepreneur Visa to Ireland is an opportunity worth exploring. It might just be right one for you. As an entrepreneur, you only have to invest €50,000 and guess what? There are no job creation targets in the initial stage of the business.

The program was introduced by Ireland’s government to encourage non-EEA nationals to migrate with their families, obtain residency status, invest a certain amount, and start a business. So, if you think you have a high potential idea which you want to introduce to the global market, this program can work in your favor.

You can explore this option with us. Contect Golden Future to know about Start up Investor Visa to Ireland. Find out how well it fits in your future and business plans. Then take a decision.



  1. Investment as low as euro;50,000.
  2. Migrate with your family on an initial 2 years visa.
  3. Startup Entrepreneur Visa to Ireland extension for another 3 years.
  4. Get residence status after 5 years of stay in Ireland.
  5. Enjoy benefits same as Ireland citizen.


  • As the first factor for eligibility, an applicant has to meet investment funds i.e. have at least €50,000 in a regulated bank for a period of 3 months prior to submitting the application or secured funding of similar amount for the business.
  • Meet requirements of an innovative business plan i.e., introduce a unique and new product or service to the international markets.


The current Application Visa Fees is 350.


*The process time upon submission at the Ireland Immigration   department/Embassy is 12-16 weeks*.

The process time is at the discretion of the Ireland Immigration department based on your business plan approval.

*This is a 2 stage process where the business plan has to be approved first and then the amount must be transferred to a bank account in Ireland before the visa is issued.


  1. Documents Checklist.
  2. Complete Application Processing.
  3. Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing.
  4. Business Plan Guidance and Preparation.


  1. Worlds wealthiest country.
  2. Largest exporters of pharmaceutical and software-related goods and services in the world.
  3. Other Exports include agro-food, cattle, beef, dairy products, and aluminum. Irelands major imports include data processing equipment, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum products, textiles, and clothing.
  4. Capital City:
  5. Currency:
  6. Population: 5 million.
  7. Forbes 2011 named Ireland as the best country in Europe in which to do business.
  8. Most open economy in the developed world.
  9. Corporate tax rate of 5%for active business.
  10. 25% Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit which may be refundable over a three year period.
  11. An Intellectual Property (IP) regime which provides a tax write-off for broadly defined IP acquisitions.

Ireland’s Tax Regime also offers:

  • An attractive holding company regime, including participation exemption from capital gains tax on disposals of shares in subsidiaries.
  • An effective zero tax rate for foreign dividends.
  • An EU-approved stable tax regime, with access to extensive treaty network and EU Directives.
  • Generous domestic law withholding tax exemptions.