7 Reasons for France Student Visa Rejection & How to Avoid Them

7 Reasons for France Student Visa Rejection & How to Avoid Them

Golden Future, a prominent veteran in providing the facility for Overseas Education is headquartered in Ahmedabad Gujarat. Our consultancy services majorly work on providing visa to student who wishes to study in European countries.

With highly demanding careers and the importance of education, we focus on the benefits of studying in European culture. Over 50,000 students have been accepted to universities around the world based on their academic performance.

A European country like France is very particular about accepting student visas. With prominent study destinations in France, students still face rejection.

7 Reasons for student visa rejection in France


  • Language barrier

French universities require students to learn French however if the visa officers don’t think that the student is fit, they might reject the student visa.

  • Providing misleading information

It is difficult for first-timers to fill up an application form for any university therefore sometimes an applicant misses some information or writes something in an inaccurate manner so the chances get higher to facing visa rejection for France.

You can avoid such mistakes by filling in the correct information & consider revising it before submitting the application.

  • Insufficient funds

The officials tend to keep a check on your bank balance to see whether you have sufficient funds to either pay for your tuition fee or for your cost of living. However, in case of insufficient funds, you might have to face your France student visa rejection.

To avoid it, you should be able to show adequate amounts of funds in your bank account to get yourself that France student visa.

  • No academic achievement

It is necessary for students to showcase their academic achievements and meet the requirements of their education system.

To avoid rejection of your student visa, make sure to up skill with your exceptional academic achievements and fill out your form with the required information.

  • Below-par interview skills

Interviews play an important role in the acceptance of student visas. If you come unprepared with your answers, you might not be eligible for a student visa in France.

However, to avoid this, be aware & be confident enough to answer every question asked in the interview.

  • An insufficient explanation for a purpose

Often, applicants fail to give the needed justification of the actual purpose of their travel and stay. This is one of the common reasons why they get rejection.

  • Invalid travel insurance

The other reason why may get you visa rejection is having invalid travel insurance. Applicant should have appropriate insurance coverage especially for the duration of stay.

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  1. What services does Golden Future provide?

We provide visa consultancy services & high school education in European countries.

        2. How can I not get rejected for a France student visa?

Avoid mistakes while filling out your application form, have sufficient funds to show the officials & have basic knowledge of the French language.

       3. How to learn basic French language & interview skills?

Join French & personality development classes to upskill your talents.