Study in france 2023

Study in France: Guide for International Students in 2023

Need France Tourist Visa? Here is your comprehensive guide.

France is famous for its world-class education system and many renowned institutions are consistently ranked among the top in international rankings. The excellent academic programs and diverse range of courses across different fields like science, engineering, business, art, and humanities are perfect match for your career. The high-quality education, rich culture, and beautiful places must be experienced by every student who plans to study in France.

Types of Visa for International Students

France offers 4 types of visas for Indian Students, they are-

  • France Schengen Visa

    • Student who enrolls for courses with duration - less than 3 months, should apply for France Schengen Student Visa. This France Student Visa is issued to Indian students free of cost and you must know that this visa cannot be renewed.

  • Visa for Entrance Exams

    • If there are students who have to appear for more than one entrance exam in France, they are likely to apply for a Visa for Sitting Entrance Exams. Students are eligible to apply for 1-year renewable residence permit and they must ensure to get in touch with the admissions department of the French Institution for detailed information

  • Temporary Long-Stay Visa

    • This France Student Visa allows Indian students to study in France for 6 months and does not require any residence permit separately. This Visa is applicable to students who plan to stay in France for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Long-Stay Visa

    • Indian students who apply for courses that are for more than 6 months are eligible for a Long-Stay Visa. This Visa ensures to give Indian Students a residence permit based on the study period of the student. When an Indian student arrives in France with a Long-Stay Visa, they should report to the French Office of Immigration and Integration for further formalities. Make sure that you should have a copy of your valid passport before entering the premises of France.

Documents for France Tourist Visa from India


  • Official acceptance letter of the French Institution

  • Proof of funds for living in France

  • Proof of return ticket

  • Proof of Medical Insurance

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Proof of proficiency in French Language for courses in French.

  • Proof of funding the studies

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  • How can I study in France?

    • You must be eligible for a Schengen Visa, Visa for Entrance Exam, Temporary Long-Stay Visa, or Long-Stay Visa to study in France.

  • What documents are needed to apply for France University?

    • You must have proof of your acceptance letter, funds, medical insurance, return ticket, language test, and proof of funding studies.​​​​​​​

  • Which is the best place to seek guidance for foreign studies or France Tourist Visa?

    • ​​​​​​​Golden Future is the best place to get assistance relating to foreign studies, higher studies, visas, and career counseling.​​​​​​​