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The Benefits of Studying in Poland on a Student Visa

Poland is a European country which is centrally located in the Europe and has a vibrant culture with rich history. Poland has recently become a popular destination for international students who want to seek higher education opportunities.

There are 121 state higher educational institutions and 210 non-state higher educational institutions in Poland that offer different courses and programs with a duration of 3 to 4 years. Poland is a well-developed country with a strong education system that focuses on academic quality and research. The educational institutions in Poland offer wide range of academic programs in various fields of study like medicine, science, art, fashion and engineering.

Benefits of Studying in Poland on Student Visa

Poland has become a host to many Indian students and has 7 universities that have been featured in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016. So, if you want to study in Poland, you can assure several benefits due to the diverse academic programs and attractive living conditions. Here are some benefits-

  1. Affordable Tuition Fees- When you apply for a student visa to study in Poland, the tuition fee is lower than other Western European countries and the quality of education is supreme without any additional costs.

  2. High Quality Education- When you plan to study with Poland Student Visa, you are being a part of prestigious universities that are known for their high standards of teaching and research.

  3. Scholarship Opportunities- Polish universities offer several scholarship opportunities for international students and that can help in reducing the financial burden of studying abroad.

  4. European Credit Transfer System- Many Polish universities refer to ECTS system for students who are on Student Visa for Poland and give them an opportunity to transfer credits and continue their studies in other European countries.

  5. Quality of Life- The rich cultural experience and quality of life allows the student to become independent and consistently offer them with medical and health care services.

  6. Language Barrier- The safe and welcoming environment makes Poland a safe country and many people in Poland speak English, which makes it easier for international students to communicate and fit in well.

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  • How to obtain Poland Student Visa?

    • If you want to get a study in Poland on student visa, you can connect with Golden Future. Their assistance and expertise will guide you through the journey of obtaining visa.

  • What services are provided by Golden Future?

    • Golden Future offers Visa services for many countries, consultation services, career counseling services and profile building services for student.

  • What are the benefits of studying in Poland on student visa?

    • Studying in Poland can give you several benefits like affordable living costs, scholarship assistance, quality of life and affordable tuition fees for diverse range of academic programs in many Polish universities.