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Popular Courses Cost of Study in Malta

Malta is a Mediterranean island situated in Europe that attracts international students from the UK and the US. There are lots of European universities that offer courses of study in Malta. The prestigious universities in Europe have gained too much popularity in recent years among Indian students.

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Benefits of studying in Malta

The extensive and elaborative courses of study in Malta offered to international students are different from other universities. Universities in Malta primarily offer higher education courses, certificate courses, diplomas, and Bachelor courses in medicine, nursing, diplomatic studies, law, business administration, librarian science, arts, and religious studies.

If you are planning to study in Malta, you should know the benefits, such as:

  • High standard of living with low costs and manageable expenses.
  • Scholarships facility for Indian students.
  • It is an English-speaking country, unlike other European countries, which would make it easier for Indian students to converse with local people.
  • Easy Visa supporting services with fewer documents needed by the students.
  • Presence of a multicultural environment with various outdoor activities, moderate temperatures throughout the year, and extraordinary cuisines to enjoy.
  • .Malta is considered safe for students with a low crime rate and less occurrence of natural disasters.
  • Wide options for courses of study in Malta are offered to international students based on their interests and academic performance.

Cost of Study in Malta

3 major colleges have moderate cost of study in Malta, such as-

  1. Domain Academy in Mosta charges 8000 Euros per annum for different courses.
  2. Global College Malta in Ricasoli is another college that charges 6000 Euros per annum for the courses available.
  3. University of Malta in Msida has an extensive list of courses offered for international students that has a fee of 9000 Euros per annum and 7500 Euros per annum depending upon the course selected by the students.

There are many other eminent academic institutions offering a wide range of courses with manageable fees structure. If you choose to study in Malta, make sure to get in touch for your Visa services from Golden Future – Professional and experienced team – supportive attitude – all questions answered satisfactorily – systematic process – efficient prices – comprehensive student assistance.



1. Where is Malta situated?

Malta is a Mediterranean island located in Europe and is a member of the European Union and Commonwealth. English and Maltese are their official languages.

2. What is the cost of study in Malta?

The cost of study depends on the courses of study in Malta. The fees can range between 6000 Euros to 10,000 Euros. To explore more specific details, approach our team today.

3. What are some of the best universities in Malta?

Malta has Domain Academy, Global College Malta, and the University of Malta in Msida offer an extensive range of courses in social studies, diplomatic studies, art, and law.