Belgium Student Visa Requirements

Everything you wanted to Know about Belgium Visa!

Belgium, officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium, is a Western European Country that offers excellent academic opportunities to students. It acquires the top position in the list of locations that offer top-class education at affordable rates.

The quality of education and life in Belgium is appreciated by thousands of students across the world.

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Requirements of Belgium Entry:

The first thing you should know is the type of visa you need while applying for Belgium. This blog has important information with the help of which you can obtain Belgium Student Visa.

First, let’s talk about people who are not the citizen of the European Union or Switzerland, or EEA, need a D-Visa or Student Visa to study in Belgium. They can file the Visa application with the nearest Consulate or Belgium Embassy by completing the essential formalities.

Remember, it is mandatory to obtain the acceptance by a Belgian University before submitting Belgium student visa application.

Conditions when you will get a visa for higher education:

The Foreigners Department of the Federal Public Services Foreign Affairs has issued a list of conditions for issuing higher education visa to Belgium.

  • You need to prove that any of the recognized, organized, or subsidized institutes (or higher education establishments) by the Belgian government.
  • You need to prove that you have sufficient funds to study in Belgium.
  • You have to submit a signed medical certificate about good health.
  • You need to submit a character certificate issued by the police.
  • You need to give the age certificate to prove that you are over 21 years.

Students from Switzerland, European Union, and EEA are not required to apply for a visa if they wish to study in Belgium.

Documents required for Belgium Student Visa

When you apply for a Belgium student visa, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A passport with a validity of at least three months more than the visa duration
  • Two visa application forms in original
  • Acceptance letter from any of the University in Belgium
  • Copies of educational certificates
  • Covering letter about explaining why you want to study in Belgium
  • Proof of financial status
  • Proof of good health
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Visa application fee

Processing time for Student Visa

Student Visa processing time depends on the time of the year. Processing time takes longer in the summers or at the end of the year. Therefore, you should cross-check with the visa processing consultant about the expected processing time.

It is essential that the application is error-free and complete so that you do not need additional time for student visa processing.

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The application process for Student Visa is easy if one takes all the necessary precautions while applying. Belgium presents excellent academic opportunities for students. The standard of living and education both are far better than other comparable countries.  A consultant can help in handling visa processing issues better and systematically.