Best Universities in Denmark for Indian Students

Best Universities in Denmark for Indian Students

Denmark is a true education destination in Europe. It has increasingly attracting more and more Indian students to pursue their higher studies. The country is a paradise for tourist and its education system is more than pleasant and appealing to students all over the globe. We, at Golden Future, put special emphasis on Denmark while we consult our student to study abroad in Europe. There are around 40 universities in Denmark and they are hosting close to 20,000 international students. They are known for their state of the art infrastructure, teaching pedagogy, excellent faculties and a great focus on research. The tuition fee of best Universities in Denmark for international students depends upon the course one is enrolled in. However, we tried to share a list of best universities in Denmark for Indian students and their average fee structure.

1.University of Copenhagen
The University of Copenhagen is a state of the art university in Denmark and a flag bearer of all universities of Denmark. It is the best university in Denmark for International students as it attracts most of them. The fee structure ranges between 9000 – 15000 Euros per year depending upon the course you opt for.

2.Aarhus University
The university is considered to be one of the top-ranked universities in the world. Known for its active and qualitative research output, the place is best suited for doctoral programs. The average tuition fee here is 10,000 Euros per year. It is subject to change with your course and duration.

3.Technical University of Denmark 
The university is founded in 1829 and considered the best university in the world for technical and engineering course. Hence we recommend it as one of the best universities in Denmark for Indian students as Indians are crazy about engineering. The average tuition fee is around 13,500 Euros per year.

4.Alborg University
The university was founded in 1961 and seen a continuous rise since then thanks to its professional approach. The university known for its interdisciplinary courses. Although it offers dedicated programs in medical, social science, IT and design, humanities field as well. 

5.University of South Denmark
The university is the youngest as it was established in 1998 only and has 6 campuses in Denmark. It offers courses in five different faculties only but considered to be an excellent place for higher education. One of the youngest, but still considered to be one of the best university in Denmark for international students.

The list we shared of five universities is considered to be the best universities in Denmark for Indian students. However, the state of art infrastructure in Denmark makes each university special. If you wish to pursue higher studies in Denmark and know more about the universities in Denmark then get in touch with us. We, at Golden Future, have an excellent support system to consult students who wish to study in Denmark.