How to Get Europe Visa again if Rejected

How to Get Europe Visa again if Rejected

How to Get Europe Visa again if Rejected 

It's natural to be disappointed if visa is rejected

Many rejected candidates approached consultants like Golden Future for assistance after dealing with a frustrating, imprecise, confusing, and ineffective process due to inconsistent procedures. 

"Can I apply for a Europe Visa again after being denied?" is a regular question we get from them. 

Yes, you can apply for a Europe Visa again after being rejected the first time. 

In this article we’ll discuss Europe Visa Rejection reasons and if your application is denied, we'll walk you through all of the processes you need to do to reapply for a Europe Visa and go to Europe.

Europe visa rejection reasons and way to overcome them.

1. Submitting a Second European Visa Application 

Applicants who have already received a European Visa hardly wait to reapply for the next trip. 

In that scenario, we recommend waiting one to two months before reapplying for a new European Visa, as you cannot have two applications open at the same time. 

Let's say you apply for a European Visa and your application is accepted. When you apply for another Visa that is directly linked to your approved European Visa, the Embassy or Consulate may raise some red flags. 

If you need two distinct types of European Visas, European embassies only enable you to have two applications open at the same time.

For instance, suppose you apply for an Airport Transit Visa to travel via a Europe State and subsequently apply for a type-C Europe Visa. 

Even so, applying for two distinct types of Europe Visas at the same time would be counterproductive. 

If that's the case, you should apply for a single multiple-entry Europe Visa to avoid the hassle of having to go in and out and provide supporting documentation for two separate applications. 

It's considerably easier to make the most of a multiple-entry Europe Visa than it is to apply for two Visas, each with its own set of supporting documentation and payments.

It is therefore quite unlikely that you will need to apply for another Europe Visa once your current one has been approved. 

However, if you're wondering, "Can I apply for two different types of Europe Visas at the same time?" We recommend considering getting a multiple entry Visa. 

2. Reapplying for a Europe Visa again if Visa is Rejected

Let's move on to the second (and most common) case, in which you must reapply after your Europe Visa has been denied. 

The actions you must do are largely determined by whether or not you have filed an appeal letter for a Europe visa refusal (an official letter you have the right to write to dispute your Europe Visa rejection). 

If you've written an appeal letter but haven't received a response, 

Please don't file a second appeal if you've already gone through the entire process and the Embassy's judgement was negative. A single appeal against a Europe Visa rejection is allowed. 

If you get a negative response after appealing your Europe Visa denial, think about it before applying again.

If your Europe Visa application was denied and you did not file an appeal, 

Although you can reapply for a Europe Visa almost immediately after being denied, we normally advise individuals to wait one month. 

However, rather than reapplying, we strongly advise you to go through the appeals procedure. 

The rationale for this is that an appeals procedure allows Visa officers to review your previously submitted evidence, identify any errors or missing documents, and give you the opportunity to improve your application.

3. Reapplying Because Your Personal Situation Has Changed 

If your entire Europe Visa application changes, you may need to reapply for another Visa. 

For example, if you submitted a multiple entry Visa but your travel plans have changed and you just require a single entrance Visa, reapplying is certainly justified. 

If that's the case, your re-application should focus on that form of Visa, which is a single-entry tourist visa that doesn't require you to prove that you'll be traveling between a number of different countries. 

4. Reapplying for a Europe Visa After Being Rejected

Because reapplying for a Europe Visa after being rejected is a regular occurrence, let's take a closer look at the reapplication procedure and see what you need to do to avoid failure. 

Allow at least 30 days to pass. 

When it comes to reapplying, there is no statutory time limit. However, we advise you to wait at least 30 days. 

If your Europe Visa application is turned down, you can file an appeal, but your application will still be rejected. If you file a fresh application right away, you risk generating red flags, making it more difficult to get a Visa approval. 

Sending applications to Embassies and Consulates will not help. 

Learn why your visa was denied.

If your Europe Visa application was rejected, you should investigate why it was rejected in the first place before submitting a new one. 

Please read this guide carefully to learn the most common reasons for rejection as outlined in the standard Visa Refusal Letter ("Standard form for notifying and motivating visa refusal, annulment, and revocation"). 

Our tutorial will teach you how to avoid making the same mistakes while applying for a new Visa. 

Improve your circumstances or correct the mistakes you made in your initial application. 

It is critical that you learn from your failures at all times. 

Rejection does not leave a permanent stain on your record or reduce your chances of being authorised in the future.

Yes, it is noted by the Visa authorities. Embassies and Consulates, on the other hand, are perfectly reasonable if your Visa was declined owing to missing paperwork or otherwise. As a result, you can confidently repeat the process and resubmit. 

You have a good possibility of succeeding if you correct the faults you made in your initial application and enhance your circumstances. 

Use different papers each time (excluding birth certificate, passport, etc.) 

Consider applying in June and receiving a refusal in July. It will be August before you figure out why you were denied and what documentation you need to update your application. 

As a result, you won't be able to resubmit the same papers, especially because some of them have already been labelled as improper.

You must include the most recent pictures, utility bills, bank statements, and other documents when submitting a fresh application. You can't keep providing the same paperwork if you applied on June 1st and now it's August. 


Gathering fresh documentation in order to reapply for a Europe Visa can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. 

Regardless of why you are reapplying for a Europe Visa, ensuring that all of your paperwork are full and filled out correctly will increase your chances of success. 

If you've been denied a Europe Visa and need assistance reapplying or just wish to avoid failing, the Golden Future team of specialists is always willing to help.

If you've been denied a Europe Visa and need assistance reapplying or just wish to avoid failing, the Golden Future team of specialists is always willing to help. Obtain your Europe Visa personal plan today, and an expert will assess your case and provide you with a list of specific items to include in your application. 

Remember that missing or inaccurate paperwork is the most common reason for your Europe Visa being denied. We'll provide you a personalised set of prerequisites to ensure that your application is granted and that you have a fantastic trip to Europe!