Study in France

France has often been referred to as a tourist destination, however, it also has various opportunities to build a great career. France is known for having an excellent education infrastructure that attracts students from across the globe. France enrolls more than 2,50,000 international students in their academic program annually. We, as a professional France education consultant in Ahmedabad, suggests students who wish to pursue their career in Europe, to consider study in France at the top of the list of priority. We are also getting more and more inquiries from aspirants who are willing to go abroad and interested in France. You can get in touch with us online irrespective of your location to seek guidance on this subject.

Let us share a few details about the finances that you need to arrange to fund tour education in France. The country is not too expensive in terms of course or university fees and overall cost of living. The tuition fee in France is not common for all universities. For diploma courses of one year and more, the fee could be between EUR 100 to EUR 750 per year. Total education cost for Masters program in Engineering is around EUR 14,000/- whereas for the Master's program in management or in business administration could go up to EUR 16,000/- for the entire course. The cost of living has always been a major concern while you study abroad. You may need to shed around EUR 8000/- per annum for your stay and other regular expenses. However, this may fluctuate with your own lifestyle.

Study in France for Indian Students

France hosts more than 80 universities most of them are of international standards. It houses more than 200 Engineering colleges or schools, 220 business and accounting schools and 120 colleges belonging to the fields of arts. The official language used in the country and in the education system is French, however, most of the courses offered to international students are in the English language only. France's education system offers degree/diploma courses in various fields which makes study in France for Indian students a better option. These fields include Economics, Arts, Social Science, Literature and science. Since France is a major tourist destination on the world map, courses in the field of Hotel Management course are unique and highly respected. With a rich heritage and culture, courses in the field of literature and arts hold unique value proposition if one chooses to pursue the same. Being a center of the world in terms of economic activities, the courses in economics and social sciences are second to none. Moreover, there are many Indian students and Indian expatriates already in France, which makes it easy for Indians in terms of familiarity and social acceptance.

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