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What is France Student Visa success rate and what are the reasons for Visa rejection?

France is the dream destination for international students because of its world-class education in various streams, unique infrastructure, student-friendly environment, and standard of living.  Being an international student you also wish to study in French universities, you are on the right path. 

France student visa success rate is also very high, students who got their acceptance letter from a French university need to submit the visa application. Many times candidates make common mistakes in their visa application process for a France study visa and fail to obtain a student visa. Continue to read to avoid visa rejection and start your new educational journey in France without fail. 

What is the success and rejection rate for a France student visa?

France is home to thousands of international students. The number of international students is continuously rising every year. As per recent reports, 4,00,000 international students registered in French educational institutes.  France receives over 3,684,404 Schengen visa applications, therefor French student visa approval rate for Indian students depends on their qualifications and confidence represented during the visa application process and visa interviews.

What are the reasons for France student visa Rejection reasons?     

France student visa rejection rate is not very high but there are some chances of rejection. Due to some common errors in visa applications, students miss out on their learning opportunities in France. We listed out several possible reasons for visa rejection:

  • Incomplete visa application form

Unfinished visa application is one of the main reasons behind visa rejection. While filling out your visa application form always make sure no blanks are left unfilled. If you will not fill in any important blank, it can be a reason for your visa rejection

  • Insufficient Finances

Students going to France need to show evidence of sufficient funds available to them for their living, tuition fees, and other major expenses. French officials will not allow you into France if you are unable to meet the financial France student visa requirements

  • Invalid Passport

A passport is a primary document for the visa application process. A candidate must have three months remaining validity after visiting the Schengen country. And also required the two left two blank visa pages in your passport.

  • Inadequate documents

To make visa application stronger candidates are expected to submit other supporting documents along with passport and visa application forms. Students should never provide documents with fake information it will raise visa rejection chances. Be extra careful while submitting your documents for a France student visa.

  • Not fit for academic criteria

If the student is not matched the academic requirements, it could be the reason for the student visa rejection. Every French university has different academic criteria. Therefore, before applying for a visa always check your IELTS or GRE score and other language requirements.

  • Risk of threat to the country

If a France embassy officials find you the risk of threat to the country they will reject your France study visa application. In case, if you have any past criminal records or use of drugs you will not obtain your visa.

  • Lack of Interview skills

An interview is a crucial and deciding factor in obtaining a visa. Present yourself with confidence in an interview. You should be prepared with all the necessary information as the interviewer ask anything about the country or city you going to study in. Also obtain complete information for your itinerary plan, your course duration, etc. A lack of confidence or fake information will lead you to the rejection of a visa application.


Always avoid all these common and be extra careful while applying for a student visa to France. If you will meet all the France student visa requirements you will easily get your visa. To get your France visa without any hurdles it is always better to get in touch with expert visa consultants. Contact Golden Future to avoid visa rejections.