Visa fee is refunded if visa application is rejected

Will my visa fee be refunded if visa application gets rejected?

The question is valid and pose a confusion in the mind of visa applicant. When one apply for student visa in Europe, be it a Schengen visa or a country specific visa like UK, the expectations are always high. However, there are number of instances where the application gets rejected because of number of reasons. The Schengen visa application fee stands at 60 Euros when applied for studying purposes. The fee is static but it is advisable that applicant must keep track of it online or via their visa consultant for any change in structure.

If your visa application gets rejected then embassy is not liable to refund any fee in any circumstances. Embassy charges fee as a cost to recover their expenses on the process only. The process involves, decision making, verification of documents, data management, correspondence and others. Hence it is logical that embassies kept the fee with themselves even when visa get rejected as all the applications goes through the same steps. There are no refunds in case you have completed all the formalities and submitted the application for evaluating purpose.

Although, you may be liable to get a refund if you have done the online payment of visa application fee but not completed other formalities like submission of documents, biometrics etc. and wish to quit the process. The refund may take more than 30 days to get processed. The stage at which you apply for refund holds a lot of importance. If embassy started screening your visa application, and then you ask to quit and apply for refund, chances in such cases are almost nil.

Hence, it is suggested that right from the first step, you should take assistance of professional study visa consultant. This would enable you to avoid any error that may occur and forces you to quit the application process in between. We, at Golden Future understand your world and value your money. A professional advice and constant guidance from Golden Future eliminate errors in visa application process. So let make your money produce the best result. Get in touch with us for more details.