Can I get Scholarship to Study in Europe

Can I get a Scholarship to Study in Europe?

Europe has always welcomed the talent pool from all over the world when it comes to academics. To promote the higher quality of education for deserving candidates, number of countries in Europe have come up with scholarship programmes. We, at Golden Future, have assisted many aspirants in past to get the scholarship to fund their studies in Europe. Our rich experience has paid well and we were able to guide a large pool of students to make an effort for the right scholarship. Here, we have put together some of the scholarship schemes that are being offered by number of European countries to international students.


The Holland scholarship is backed and financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. It is applicable to those who are from outside of European Economic Area and wish to study Bachelor’s or Master’s in any of Dutch Research Universities and Universities of applied sciences. The amount of scholarship is €5,000.


Danish Government scholarship is funded by Danish Ministry of Education. It is applicable to those students who are from outside of European Economic Area, highly qualified and wish to pursue full degree higher education programme at participating Danish Universities. The scholarship is given in the form of full or partial tuition fee waivers and/or at times it might cover your cost of living in Denmark.


The Swedish Institute provides study scholarships to talented and highly qualified international students who wish to pursue their master’s in Swedish Universities. The scholarship amount covers living expenses and tuition fee. In some cases the insurance cover and travel grants are also given to talented minds.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France has designed the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship. The scholarship is given at Master’s and doctoral level to bright international students. It covers monthly allowances, expenses of return trip and health insurance but it does not cover tuition fee.


VLIR-UOS is the scholarship that you may look for if you are planning to pursue your studies in Belgium Universities. The scholarship is awarded to international students from 54 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America for the courses taught in English language only. The scholarship covers tuition fee, travel expenses, stay and accommodation cost and other fee that may be related with the programme.

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship

The scholarship is offered in UK only. All international students from countries who are member of Commonwealth nations can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship is given to pursue Master’s programme in following field only: Science and Technology, Strengthening health system capacity, global peace, governance and security, promoting global prosperity and response to crises.

The scholarships mentioned here is not a complete list. Many other countries like Italy, Poland, Austria etc. also have their own scholarship programme offered by Government and other organizations. We, at Golden Future, are committed to provide complete assistance to aspirants who seek scholarship to pursue studies in Europe. It is also suggested to take help of professional student visa consultants while preparing to seek any scholarship. The number of awards are limited and given only to those who deserves it truly. Hence, it is important that you must not leave any glitch or error in your application of scholarship and here is the role of an experienced and professional visa consultant comes into play! So, get in touch with us and choose the right scholarship for yourself.