Can I bring Family in UK with Student Visa

Can I bring Family in UK with Student Visa?

Getting your family members along in UK with a student visa is possible. We, at Golden Future, have dealt number of cases where students going to UK have wished to take their family members along. Student tier 4 Visa allows you to take your family members along but there are certain conditions which must met before it gets approved.

  1. Family member should be a dependent member only. In case of UK, they are limited to:
    • Your Spouse (Husband / Wife)
    • Children under the age of 16 years
    • If the child is over 16 years, he/she must not have family and financially dependent on you. He/she must not a fulltime employed.
  2. The dependents can apply only when your course is of at least nine months or more.
  3. The course which you enrolled in should be a doctoral programme or at Master’s level.
  4. You may also bring your dependents if you are pursuing a government funded programme.
  5. The dependents who apply for visa must have enough financial support to fund his/her own expense during the stay in UK. The relevant bank statement should be provided at the time of filling visa application form and interview.
  6. If you are studying in London, each member of family should have £845 for each month during his/her stay. If you are studying in some other place in UK, the amount educes to £680 for each month of stay.
  7. The dependent should not have an intention to stay in UK longer than the period of your stay.
  8. The dependent of family member must stay along with you only.

Although, the rules are more than strict when you wish to take your family members to UK, you can take them as visitors. The rule list is bit longer than stated here and each candidate might be having a different situation from other. We, at Golden Future, have successfully dealt with many such cases. We assess the requirements of candidates and suggest appropriate way following all laws and rules to take their family members. We suggest you to apply visa of your family members along with yours only to reduce the chances of rejection. However, we suggest you to take guidance of student visa consultant before you plan to submit your application. The professional advice will ease the burden of being extra cautious. It is also important to take assistance from professional student visa consultant in such cases because the laws are bit complicated and misinterpretation or ignorance of any clause may cost a lot. Hence, get in touch with us for more details!