Finland Student Visa Financial Requirements

Finland Student Visa Financial Requirements

Student income requirements

A residence permit could be given to you for the duration of your study. Finland Student Visa Financial Requirements needs students to be able to support themselves. You cannot guarantee your financial security with a job when you apply for your first residence visa for academic purposes. Include in your application, finland study visa requirements for India are also evidence of your ability to pay for your first year of study in Finland.


How much money do you need for a Finland student visa?

Throughout the entire term that your residence permit is valid, finland study visa requirements need you to have enough money to support yourself while residing in Finland. You must have at least 560 euros available each month to cover your living expenses, food, and other needs.

  • Include documentation supporting your financial plan for your first year of study in Finland with your application.
  • When submitting the application, your bank account needs to have EUR 6,720 available.
  • You must have 560 euros available each month if your studies will last shorter than a year.

Some educational institutes provide financial aid for their students to live in Finland.

  • If the educational institution offers you free housing, you must have at least EUR 280 available each month.
  • If the educational institution offers you free housing and free food, you must have access to at least EUR 195 each month.

Working might help you get resources when you're asking for an extended permission, but it might not interfere with your education. Your academic progress must go normally.

If your work is associated with your degree, you are free to work. This refers to degree requirements that include practical training or diploma work. Additionally, you are permitted to work no more than 30 hours each week in a paid job. If the average number of working hours is no more than 30 per week at the end of the year, then the number of working hours can be surpassed on occasion.

Finland Student Visa Requirements - Financial

Tuition Costs

Universities and other institutes of higher learning frequently charge for their programmes of study.

If your tuition is paid in full before you arrive in Finland.

Please provide proof of payment with your residence permit application.

Additionally, you need to have enough money to live in Finland.

If you don't pay the tuition till you get to Finland

Please include proof of your financial ability to pay your tuition and maintain yourself while living in Finland with your application for a residence visa.

It is not permitted to pay the tuition using funds allocated for living expenses in Finland.

If your tuition has been paid for through a scholarship

Please submit your application together with a certificate of the scholarship provided by your school.

Additionally, you need to have enough money to live in Finland.

How can I demonstrate my income?

Include documentation supporting your financial plan for your first year of study in Finland with your application.

To demonstrate that you have enough money in your bank account, provide a bank statement (from the last three months) with your application. The account holder's name, the bank's name, and the currency must all be displayed on the bank statement.

  • You must have enough funds in your personal bank account for your exclusive use.
  • As long as you can use it in Finland, you can hold a bank account anywhere. When you are in Finland, you must be able to withdraw money from the account.
  • The bank account can be a joint one that you share with your guardian if you are a minor or an exchange student. Your right to access the bank account must be stated in the bank statement.
  • Sponsorship contracts offered by friends, family, or employers are not acceptable. You must have the money in your own bank account.
  • We may require you to produce extra documentation to prove the source of the funds if you received them, say, from your parents or other family members (a sponsor).
  • If your educational institution offers you benefits like free housing and meals, for example, you should attach a proof of the benefits granted by your educational institution to your application.
  • Please include the grant or scholarship decision with your application if you have received one from a government agency, organisation, or educational institution.

When requesting a permit extension.

  • Please include a bank statement with your application to verify that you have sufficient funds.
  • The simplest and most trustworthy way to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial means is to make a deposit into a Finnish bank account.
  • If you are employed, a salary statement for the last three months and your work contract should be attached to your application.

What are the requirements to study in Finland?

Basic Prerequisites for finland study visa requirements

First cycle of undergraduate studies

You may be eligible for higher education studies in Finland if you have successfully finished upper secondary studies in one of the Lisbon Convention signing countries, hold a valid school leaving certificate, and are eligible for higher education studies in your home country. You must, however, demonstrate your proficiency in English. You may also be required to take additional qualifying courses in specific circumstances.

(Master's) second cycle studies

You must have a relevant bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree in order to apply to a master's programme at a Finnish university.

Third-cycle coursework (PhD)

It is necessary to have an appropriate diploma or master's degree programme in order to apply for doctoral studies at a Finnish university.

EU students' English language requirements

As long as you present a certificate demonstrating your language proficiency, most polytechnics and universities in Finland may exempt EU students from the English language test.

Finland Student Visa Requirements Non-EU Students

You must demonstrate your English language proficiency using one of the following if English was not the language of instruction during your prior studies and you are not a student from another member country of the European Union or Economic Area:

IELTS: a minimum score of 5.5 TOEFL: 550 on the paper test, 213 on the computer test, or 79-80 on the internet test.

In Finland, there is a minimum grade point requirement for admission to higher education.

Your grade point average from prior coursework or the outcomes of admission exams will affect whether or not you are admitted when you apply for a study at a university in Finland as an undergraduate student.

Is it easy to get a student visa in Finland?

Finland is a small country, but it has a booming economy. A visa is not required for citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. There are also provisions for those from other countries, such as Switzerland, Singapore, and South Korea. However, the process is not straightforward. In order to qualify for a student visa, one must apply for an invitation letter from a Finnish university. This invitation letter is the first step in obtaining a student visa in Finland. The process may take up to six months. Once the invitation letter is obtained, the student must apply for a visa.

Finland has recently introduced a number of changes to make it easy for a student to get a student visa along with following changes:

  • International students will soon be granted "continuous" residence permits for the duration of their studies, making it simpler for them to stay in the nation once they graduate.
  • Families of students will also be given ongoing permission
  • Students can now work 30 hours per week in addition to their 25 hours of permitted study time.
  • Now, foreign students are permitted to hunt for employment in Finland for two years following graduation (up from one)
  • A variety of ethnicities are enrolling in Finland's universities.

Finland study visa requirements for India

Every year, the Finnish government offers a limited number of study visas to people from countries outside the European Union.

To be eligible for a study visa, you must:

  1. Be from a country outside the European Union Have a degree in a relevant field of study.
  2. Have a clear, verifiable plan for your studies in Finland.
  3.  If you are eligible for a study visa, you can study in Finland for up to two years.


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