Finland Student Visa for Indian Students

Finland Student Visa for Indian Students

An immigration or visa professional like Golden Future should be contacted if students have any questions or are unclear of how to proceed because each visa application is unique. Even while it can be a useful overview of the Finnish procedure, this blog should not be used in place of expert counsel. For a Finland Study Visa for Indian It is also advised to regularly check the website of the Finnish embassy in India to stay current on news and policy.

Finland Study Visa For Indian

Indian students must apply for a student visa, commonly known as a residence permit, in order to study in Finland. Students can stay in Finland for more than 90 days with the Residence Permit, which is good until the completion of their programme there.

Before travelling to Finland, students must apply for a residence permit. Additionally, the procedure calls for students to submit an online application and physically provide their biometric data at an Indian visa application center.

To be eligible for a residence permit, students must have been accepted into a Finnish educational institution. The organisations consist of:

  1. Institutions of higher education
  2. Institutions of applied sciences
  3. In some circumstances, upper secondary schools

After earning their Master's, students must apply for a residence permit for scientific research if they want to continue their postgraduate studies in Finland.

As part of the visa application, students will also need to demonstrate their ability to pay the tuition fees or proof that they have paid the institution's tuition fees.

Students with residence permits may work in Finland so long as their employment is relevant to the degree they are pursuing. Throughout the academic programme, students are permitted to work an average of 25 hours per week, as well as whenever they choose during breaks or vacations.

A residence permit can be issued for an additional year to allow students to hunt for employment or apply for graduate study after students have finished their studies in Finland.

Final authority on whether to grant visas to Finland rests with its embassy in India. However, to process and submit applications, Indian applicants can engage with the visa application centres through Golden Future.

finland study visa for indian

An outline of the online application procedure is provided below:

  1. Obtain admission to a Finnish university or college
  2. To reserve a spot, pay the tuition and other costs.
  3. Beginning the online application process
  4. New account creation and login information
  5. Determine the appropriate form for students.
  6. Assemble and scan all of paperwork
  7. Fill out the application for a residency permit entirely.
  8. Include supporting materials in application by uploading them.
  9. Application is submitted
  10. After a successful online submission, print the Certificate.
  11. Schedule a meeting
  12. Attend the meeting and bring certificates.
  13. Complete the collection, verification, and payment of biometric data and any fees.
  14. Online application tracking
  15. Await the result.


If extra information is needed after submitting an application, the Finnish Embassy may ask students to participate in an interview.

Students can download the form from the Finnish Immigration Service website if they would rather submit it on paper. The Golden Future Visa Consultancy would then need to receive a complete application package.

If students are accepted, the residence permit will be delivered to the Finnish Embassy, where they can arrange to pick it up. The applicant will be contacted by phone or email if they are not chosen.

Indian students' criteria for student visas to Finland

Before students begin application, they should be certain that they’ll meet all conditions for obtaining a Finnish visa. It is best to take the time to prepare supporting materials and proof that they have met the standards in advance.

Making sure a passport is valid for the full period that they will be in Finland and does not expire while they are there is one of the first criteria.

Second, before travelling to Finland, students must obtain the necessary medical insurance. They can pick the service provider that best suits their needs and complies with the regulations. The length of stay in Finland will determine coverage.

financial criteria for a student visa in Finland

Student’s will need to provide proof that their finances allow them to continue living in Finland. The Finnish government asks that students demonstrate that they have the necessary funds for their intended term of stay. This sum is in addition to the tuition.

The monthly payment drops to a minimum of €280/$24,788 if Finnish institution covers housing costs, and to €195/$17,263 if meals are included.

By doing the following, students can prove they have the necessary funds:

  1. Personal bank statement including name, bank name, currency in which money are held, and needed quantities
  2. Students may need to provide proof of the source if the funds were provided by a sponsor or parent.
  3. A letter or judgment indicating the amount covered by a grant or scholarship
  4. Include the certificate of benefits with application if Finnish institution is paying for student’s lodging or meals.
  5. The bank account must be reachable in Finland in order to satisfy the bank statement requirement.
  6. The money must be in the student's own bank account and not anyone else's, to be clear.
  7. Sponsorship contracts are not accepted as fulfilling the necessary financial requirements. ⁶

Documents needed for Finland Student Visa for Indian Students

The list of required documents for application for a Finland Study Visa for Indian Student :

  1. A current passport.
  2. 2 coloured copies of passport's biodata page.
  3. Letter of acceptance from the Finnish institution.
  4. If necessary, evidence of tuition fee payment.
  5. Proof of health insurance for the duration of visit.
  6. Indian academic history.
  7. Evidence of necessary funds.

Processing time for Finland Student Visa for Indian Students

If everything is in order, the processing time for a residence permit is two to three weeks. Through the Golden Future, students may keep track of the progress of their application.


Are you looking for a new experience and eager to explore the world? Study in Finland and you will be rewarded with the beauty of nature, the richness of culture, and the benefits of a well-rounded education. The Finnish people are welcoming and have a strong tradition of hospitality. The education system is focused on high-quality teaching and students can take courses in English. Golden Future can help you get a Finland Student Visa for higher studies.