Poland Student Visa

How can I get an appointment for a Poland visa?

Poland is a famous tourist destination in Europe because of its beautiful landscape, historic infrastructure, and low costs, however many people visit the country every year. Poland is also a very popular study destination. Getting a Polish student visa is not a difficult task, you just require the right guidance. Every year thousands of students apply for higher education from around the globe. The country is home to more than 450 educational institutes offering various courses. Foreign students from more than 150 countries made Poland their study-abroad destination. 

Why Study in Poland? 

Poland has become a popular study destination for international students in the centre of Europe because of its diverse and rich educational history. The country attracts many students to study in Poland because of its rich history, vibrant culture and top-class education system.

• Advanced quality of education
• Affordable tuition fees
• Vibrant culture
• Affordable living costs
• High-standard of living
• Best student life
• Growing educational sector
• Hospitality
• Aesthetic cities to explore
• Scholarships
• Delicious cuisine

All these reasons make Poland one of the top study destinations for many international students. 

How to get a Student visa for Poland? 

Unless you are from a European country you need a Poland student visa to pursue your studies as an international student. If you are a citizen of an EU member state you just need valid ID and travel documents. All other international students need type -D visa, this visa allows them to stay and study in Poland for one year. 

Polish Student Visa Process
1. Acceptance letter from University: You must have accepted an authorized Polish university offer.
2. Search for the nearest Polish consulate: You need to visit the Polish embassy in your home country to complete your visa process.
3. Book a visa appointment with the embassy: You can set an appointment online on the Polish consulate website.
4. Documentation: Make all your documents ready by yourself. Below we have mentioned the list of documents you require to get a student visa for Poland
5. Submission of documents: Submit all the documents, including the application form, and pay the visa fee. You may receive a decision within two to three weeks.

Documents Required for Poland Student Visa

• Authorized Passport
• 2 passport size photos
• Medical insurance
• Complete the visa application form with authentic information
• Proof of financial resources you required to cover your tuition fees and living expenses
• Certificate of acceptance with authorized Polish institute
• Proof of accommodation
• Receipt of paid tuition fees for the first semester
• Receipt of visa application fees 

How Golden Future can help you to get a Polish Student Visa?

• Guide your visa application process
• Guide documentation
• Advice on sufficient funds you require for your stay
• Helping you to fill out the application form
• Advice to choose the best university for you

Final Words! 

Get in touch with the expert team of Golden Future to successfully get your student visa for Poland. Our experienced counsellors will guide you at every step of youyour visa application process.