Malta student visa

How do I get a student visa for Malta?

The very first thing that comes to mind when we think about Malta is all about its historic churches, magnificent architecture, natural beauty, beautiful beaches and a popular tourist destination. But it is far more than our usual expectations. 

It is a home to some of the world’s finest universities and institutions and there are so many opportunities for international students who wish to study in Malta. It has also boasted some of the world’s finest institutes that allows admission to international students without the IELTS test but students need to show proof of the ability to communicate at least intermediate level in English language. Let’s discuss everything about the Malta student visa.

Do Indian Students need a Malta Student Visa?

Every student who is not from an EEA/EU country or from Switzerland requires a visa to apply for study in Malta. Schengen visa holders can pursue short time study courses without a visa. Otherwise, the candidate who is a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen and wishes to pursue full-time study courses like graduation and post-graduation (duration of more than three months) needs a Malta Student visa

Education system is Malta

Malta is home to one of the oldest universities in the Mediterranean, the education system of the country is highly influenced by the British education system that is future oriented and works on tradition with innovation. Because of the size of Malta, there is only one vocational college and one university made up of several institutions. Both the institutes have a good international reputation. About 500 students for the exchange program and 600 full -time international students come from 80 different countries every year to pursue their studies. Malta maintains good relations with education institutions all over the world.

Golden Future, well-known Malta student visa consultant, guides students to accomplish their dream to study from one of the world’s finest universities. The University of Malta offers degrees in courses like Science and Technology, Arts, Economics, Engineering, Management, Law, Health Science and many others. The international students enrol in full-time or part-time courses. The courses are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma level. Most bachelor courses run for three years while a Masters degree lasts for 2 years. A popular English-language university in the country is the American University in Malta. 

How to apply for a Malta Student Visa?

To apply for a Student visa for Malta, You need to contact the Maltese embassy or visa application office in your residence country. After that-

• Schedule your appointment to submit your visa application.
• Collect all the important documents you require for a Malta Student visa. 
• On the day of your appointment, fill out the application form properly, sign it at the end and submit it with other supporting documents, and fee payment

Within four weeks, you will receive a response to your visa application process via a text message or an email. 

Important Documents Required for Malta student visa 

We are the popular Malta student visa Consultant, and our expert counselor helps candidates throughout the visa application process. Supporting document for Malta student visa are-

• Authorized Passport: The passport must have two blank pages when you are applying.
• Application form: Complete application forms with signed.
• Two Passport size photos: Photos must be colored with bright background
• Acceptance letter of University: An acceptance letter from the university that you have applied to, which also includes the complete duration of your course. 
• Proof of finances: International students have to show the proof of enough income that you require for your daily living and tuition fees. The requirement for international students in Malta is 75% of the minimum wage in Malta.
• Health Insurance: You need Health insurance that must be valid within the whole schengen.
• Language test: Document proof that you have passed the language test for Malta.

Final Say!

If you wish to study in Malta get in touch with Golden Future, our team will help you to get your Malta Student visa. Our expert and experienced counselor will provide you complete information about the course you want to pursue and the institute best for you.