How to get a Student Visa for Greece

How to Get a Student Visa for Greece

A nation may be recognized for its historical monuments, scenic spots, food varieties, languages spoken, musical legacy and much more. But when you look at Greece, you find many unique attributes coming together. Right from its identity as the land of Gods to being the place of origin of Western Civilization and from having historic significance to having world’s top educational institutes, Greece continues to attract the world in many ways.

However, world’s renowned and highly rated 22 universities and 16 technical universities make Greece a favourite study destination for students from all over the world. If you are one such student who is dreaming to study in Greece and are looking to obtain a student visa for Greece, you can rest assure; because India’s topmost educational visa consultant Golden Future is all up to help you.

Before you go ahead discovering more information about the benefits of studying in Greece, it should be helpful for you to know something about Golden Future. This consultancy holds more than 10 years of exposure in facilitating visas for a wide range of purposes to different countries. Consultancy’s prime focus is Europe, Greece being a predominant one, and it has eased the access of many students in obtaining their study visa and pursuing education at a university in Greece.

Study at Greece – Inexpensive affair

Here is a fact that would fortify your decision to study in Greece. Among the highest ranked best 1000 universities of the world, five are in Greece. Some of the top listed Greek universities are University of Ioannina, University of Crete, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Patras and Athens University of Economics and Business

Majority of universities in Greece are public, which means studying at Greece may not be a costly affair for you. You may have most of your study material, be it books, novels, anthologies, etc, lent by senior students or the university itself. Not only that; the cost of living in Greece is not high and therefore, you can comfortably meet your expenses in 450 to 650 EUR a month.

Visa requirements for studying in Greece

While it is always better to involve a professional consultancy like Golden Future, it is equally good to have some beforehand information about Greece student visa requirements.

  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport which is valid for minimum six months from your scheduled date of travel
  • Photographs properly meeting the rules and specifications
  • If you live in own house, proof of your residence / if it’s rented, the rent agreement
  • Your confirmed flight tickets
  • Proof of sponsorship, scholarship and fund sufficiency
  • Copy of your travel medical insurance with 1 year coverage

Finally Say

You will definitely open up many career prospects by studying at a promising university in Greece. But to get there, the first step is evidently to obtain student visa for Greece. Visa officials of a professional consultancy like guide you the best way in completing the visa formalities but you will be anyways asked to fulfil certain requirements. So be ready with the documents as above.