Top Mistakes to Avoid During a Visa Interview

Top Mistakes to Avoid During a Visa Interview

Are you planning to pursue higher studies like graduation or post-graduation in Europe? Then let’s tell you that Europe is one of the best continents to study. It does have the top Universities in those best countries. So you can have lots of options to choose your college from those 44 countries in Europe. The benefits for students are direct and simple. All Indian students need a student visa to study in Europe or a particular country in Europe. With such a visa you can stay in that particular country for a particular period.

Previously we have mentioned that documents required for visa application. But today we will discuss the basic mistakes that you should avoid while applying for a Student Visa in Europe.

Let’s have a look at those points:

  • Delaying for the interview: When you applied for the visa after that you appoint for a visa interview, the embassy will mention a proper date and time. If you will postpone or delay to reach there that puts a bad impression to the visa officers. Try to reach there on time, or if possible try to reach there a bit early. This will help you to calm yourself down and you will feel relaxed while answering the questions.
  • Unsuitable appearance: This is another important mistake that you need to avoid. Your wrong dressing sense can penalize your visa application, during your interview. This appearance includes your outfit, makeup, shoes, body posture, etc. Always remember that the first impression is the last impression. You need to show that you have a proper dressing sense by wearing proper formal dress. Keep the normal eye contact with the officer while giving answers or asking questions.
  • Inappropriate answers another reason which can provoke the officers not to take your visa application seriously. If you don’t have any idea about the visa-related questions and answers then there’s a high chance that you can give inappropriate, incomplete, or goofy answers. To avoid this situation what you can do try to get a brief idea about the Schengen visa questions and answers, prepare all this early enough before your visa interview date. To recall the answers you can also write them in a paper but make sure you can’t sound programmed while giving the answers.
  • Incomplete Documentation: Documentation is one of the important reasons for what they do call you to the office. Appearing in the interview without proper documentation or you forgot to bring the document gives a negative impression to the officers. To avoid this unwanted situation prepare with all the documents early enough. Take a folder and organize all the documents properly and bring it with you at the centre.
  • Nervousness: This can destroy your answers during your interview. Shaky voice, speaking too much about yourself, stopping interviewers in the middle of the interview etc. are the core mistakes that happen in general. To ignore this uninvited situation we can suggest you relax and make yourself calm during the entire process. Try not to over concern for the interview, just consider it as a normal approachable meeting.

These are the core points which you need to keep in your mind while appearing for the visa interview.

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