Malta Business Visa

Malta Business Visa

Business immigration to Malta is also possible after the changes in law of Malta in 2015. Since then, Golden Future, is actively consulting large number of clients and aspirants via our Malta business and tourist visa services to those who are exploring opportunities in Malta. The new rules also opens the opportunity of Malta citizenship by investment programs. To let yourself established as an entrepreneur in Malta, you need to get the employment license from the government. You can get employment license form the authorities if you can fulfill any of the following conditions at once:

  • A sound business proposal which is approved by the Maltese Enterprise Agency.
  • You need to convince the authorities that you have the capability of doing certain business in Malta and provide employment to at least three individuals (preferably local residents of Malta) in next 18 months from the date of commencement of business. 
  • You have a planned investment of EUR 1,00,000 in the initial six months of business from the date of commencement of business.

Once you get the employment license in Malta, the visa application process in not a huge task. With proper documentation and filing of Malta visa application form followed by a customized interview at Malta embassy, the visa will get clearance at earliest. To apply for Malta business visa, checklist is as follow:

  • Copy of valid passport
  • Duly filled and signed Malta Visa application form 
  • 2 passport size photographs, 80% face size with white background.
  • Cover letter on your company’s letter head
  • Travel itinerary including booked flight tickets of both ways 
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Income tax return of last three years in India
  • If employed, then salary slip should be attached of last three months.
  • Company registration certificate or business registration in India.
  • Invitation letter of Invitee Company from Malta or a letter of interest to do business or from a partner from company in Malta (if any).

In case of Malta business visa, you may also invite your family member in Malta. After one year of stay in Malta, you are eligible to apply family reunification visa. Your family members include spouse and dependent children only. For family reunification visa, you need to submit all proof that you can provide suitable accommodation to family members. You also need to showcase enough income to support your family in Malta.

Golden Future, is providing end-to-end visa services for Malta. We possess detailed India to Malta Business visa information that you may require at any given point of time or at any stage. To get more details and avoid all possible errors in Malta visa application form and requirements, get in touch with us at earliest.