Interview questions (Family) for Schengen student visa

Interview questions (Family) for Schengen student visa

A Schengen student visa would allow you to explore 26 European countries while you pursue study in one. There is a common visa policy for an area called Schengen zone, and any country which falls under the zone can issue visa. With multiple countries issuing visa, there are number of questions which can be asked at the time of visa interview. A visa interview is an important milestone of visa application journey. The objective of conducting a one-on-one interview is to collect more information about the applicant, his or her ability to answer, accuracy and genuineness of responses. We at, Golden Future, provide full assistance to aspirants who are planning their studies in Europe. With our extensive experience in past, we have collaborated list of questions which are asked during the study visa interview.

Your marital status? What does your better half do?

In case you are married, make sure you remember the date of marriage and allied details. Any hesitation in answering this question may reward you a negative point from the authority. If you are separated or divorced, or the divorce is in process, you are suggested to mention that status frankly.

Do You Have Any Children? If Yes, How Old Are They, What Do They Do?

It is essential to answer the question with no hesitation or error at all. At times, it is difficult to recall children’s job title, their school name, and other related stuff at once. Hence, it is advised to memorize all details related to them well in advance. You need to make sure that your answer should look natural.

Does Your Son/Daughter Have Any Children?

Keep the answer short, sweet and simple – Yes or No. You may add the number of children here. No detailing is required.

Are you aware of the annual income of your Son/Daughter?

Mention the annual incomes that your children have. You may do a small chat or have a conversation with your children and memorize the numbers before going for the interview.

Do You Have any association/relation with any institution or individual who might be involved in Terrorist Activities?

Do not get surprised by such a question. Europeans are very skeptical about such issues. You can handle the question with utmost sincerity and say no about this. You may also like to mention that you are completely against such people, organization and thoughts.

Do you have any relative or acquaintances studying in this university?

When you are seeking for a student visa, disclose all details of friends and relatives who are studying in the same university in which you have secured admission.

Have you traveled to other countries before?

Answer with yes or no. If you wish, you may mention the countries you have visited till date.

Do you have any relative or friend living in the Schengen Area?

Make a list of all the family members and friends living in the Schengen Area early enough before the interview. In case, you have forgotten to mention anyone during the interview, the embassy might consider it an attempt to skip the answer.

The questions stated above are indicative and oriented towards family and related detailing. Whatever being asked in an interview, as a professional visa consultant, we advise everyone to be frank, honest and clear in their responses. Any hesitation or hiding of information may lead to the rejection of visa application. We also advise getting in touch with an experienced study visa consultant like us. Golden Future is here to assist you in the application process. With professional guidance, you can easily crack the process of visa application along with the interview. We give all-around awareness of dimensions which plays a crucial role in accepting of visa application. So get in touch with us for more details!!