Reasons to Study in Portugal

Are you considering studying in Portugal for Indian Students? You are not alone in this! These are just a few of the primary reasons that many international students choose to study in this stunning European country Study in Portugal

  • Portugal's universities are among the cheapest in Europe.
  • Portugal is known for its pleasant climate, wonderful beaches, and breathtaking landscapes.
  • It is one of the world's safest and most tranquil countries, making it an ideal location for learning or improving your Portuguese language abilities.

While studying in Portugal is reasonable, there are other expenses to consider throughout your stay in Portugal.

Portugal Visa for Study

Students from non-EU/EEA countries who wish to Study in Portugal for Indian Students for longer than three months must get a student visa prior to entering the country. The following are the prerequisites for an Indian student visa to study in Portugal:

  1. A Current Passport
  2. A filled-out application form
  3. Acceptance letter from a Portuguese university;
  4. Academic transcripts as evidence of language proficiency
  5. Photocopies of significant passport pages
  6. 3 passport-sized photographs
  7. A police record of good behavior
  8. A current health insurance policy
  9. Proof of financial resources - a bank statement or a grant/scholarship.

The application fee for a Portuguese student visa is around 170 euros, depending on your place of origin. It will take two to three months to process, so apply early.

Justifications for studying in Portugal

  • Even if you disregard the ideal temperature, stunning landscape, and vibrant culture, there are still several reasons to study in Portugal. Among them are the following:


  • Portugal's robust educational infrastructure: With a diversified portfolio of public and private universities and polytechnics, students at all levels have a variety of options.


  • Portugal's government created a teacher assessment system in order to improve educational performance and results, therefore strengthening and preparing fundamental educational systems for future development.


  • Additionally, several foreign schools for resident expats are found in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve.


  • The educational infrastructure is based on a strong foundation of more diverse majors, such as an innovative manufacturing sector, award-winning health and environmental sector, and leading technology and computer science sector.


  • Tens of thousands of students opt to study abroad in Portugal owing to the country's reduced tuition costs and living expenditures in contrast to the UK, US, and Australia, making it a popular destination for the most inexpensive degrees in Europe.


  • Comfortable living environment: The Mediterranean lifestyle, with all its warm characteristics, attracts many to Study in Portugal, as do the safe grounds surrounded by tranquil beaches.

International students from outside the EU/EEA region are permitted to work part-time in Portugal while pursuing their education. They are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week and more during the summer months. To work in Portugal while studying on a student visa or with resident permission for Portugal, you must obtain authorization from the SEF.

Numerous students discover that working part-time in Portugal is both easy and fulfilling. The work atmosphere is really calm, and students have adequate time for their academics, with some time left over for extracurricular activities.