Student Visa Requirements to Study in France!

Are you ready to take your first step towards studying abroad? If you are nodding your head to say YES, then this article is especially for you. Before starting your amazing journey, you need to determine whether or not you require a student visa to study in France. In case you are an EU national, or national from the EEA, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland, you don't have to worry about applying for a visa. But if not, look for a reputable French University and start the process of applying for a student visa. 

Types of visas you need to study in France!

Before moving to the documents required, you must have a look at the different types of visas that a student needs to study in France

•    Schengen student visa
A Schengen student visa, otherwise known as Visa de court séjour pour études, is for a short stay in France. If a student is sure that his/her study will last less than three months, he/she can apply for a Schengen student visa. This type of visa is free of cost. 

•    Temporary long-stay visa. 
Often known as visa de long séjour temporaire pour études, this type of visa is for students who are willing to study for three to six months at France University. If a student is enrolling for a course that will last for a maximum of six months, he/she should prefer a Temporary long-stay visa. 

•    Long-stay visa. 
Known as visa de long séjour pour études, this type of visa is required when students wish to complete their two years or three-year degree in France

France Study Visa Requirements. 

If you are an Indian student who wants to pursue your studies in France, then you must check out this requirement list before applying for the visa. 

•    France Study Visa application form
•    Evidence of visa payment fees
•    Medical insurance
•    Copy of previous visa and Proof of civil status 
•    A valid passport 
•    Two passport size pictures
•    Official enrolment or acceptance letter from the France university
•    Proof of financial means
•    French language proficiency certificate for French degrees or English language proficiency certificate for English degrees. 
•    Flight reservation tickets (both arrival and departure) 
•    Documents for your accommodation arrangements

Visa Process For French Students. 

We have curated the whole guide and every minute detail that a French student needs to know before planning to study in France. In this section, we will enlist the visa process. 

•    Collect documents & move them to the Campus France website. 
•    Create an account & Fill in details 
•    Send the file number to Campus France Office
•    Go for an interview & receive a certificate for the interview. 
•    Schedule an appointment with VFS France and get ready to receive your visa. 


Applying for a French visa may seem easy but it involves various procedures to successfully complete the visa process. Make sure you carry all the hard copies of your documents when you schedule your meeting with VFS France. Many experts are ready to provide you with assistance while applying for a visa. Complete all the procedures before and get ready to go on a fascinating journey to France!