Finland Spouse Visa Processing Time

Processing for visa takes time, and care needs to be taken while filing for a visa to get approval within short time. Spousal visa has different laws and requirements in terms of documentation. In this article we are informing about Finland spouse visa processing time and its laws and process to give you a in depth information to save your precious time and have a visa approved easily.

Spouse in Finland with a residence permit

  1. Resident permits have some basic requirements; make sure to meet the minimum standards for the residence permit.
  2. Prepare all the documents needed. Get the documents translated and attested. The permit time may become longer if the application has not been filled sufficiently and the required documents are not attached correctly.
  3. Fill in your application.
  4. Pay the required amount of fee for your application in the official online service Enter Finland, at a Finnish embassy or consulate or a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.
  5. If you are in a foreign country, visit a Finnish embassy or consulate. Book an appointment if you are already in Finland at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.
  6. The Finnish Immigration Service decision. They will contact you if necessary.
  7. While your application is processed, you should wait for the residence permit in the same country or locality where you filed your application and proved your identity.

Spouse of a Finnish citizen

If a person is married to a Finnish citizen living in Finland, a person can get a residence based on family ties. A spouse of the same sex is also eligible to receive a residence permit if a person is married or is in a   registered partnership.

Common-law spouse of a Finnish citizen

A person may be eligible to receive a residence permit in Finland based on family ties if one is living in a common-law relationship with a Finnish citizen who lives in Finland. A person may qualify for the license if   a person has lived with a common-law spouse for at least two years or

  • A person and person's common-law spouse have a child together
  • If there is another crucial reason why a person should be granted the permit.

An applicant and their common-law spouse must prove that the applicant has lived for two years together and if this is the basis of one's permit application. The proof can be shown by a register of occupants or a rental agreement bearing both applicants' names and the spouse's name. During periods such as holidays, living together is not considered adequate grounds for granting a residence permit if the applicant and applicant's common-law spouse have domiciles in different countries. Applicant and applicant's common-law spouse cannot be married to any third person.

Income proof for a spouse of a Finnish citizen

An applicant is not required to have a guaranteed livelihood if a person is a family member of a Finnish citizen. A person has an unlimited right to work. A person may only start working once their residence permit has been granted.

Partner in a relationship

A residence permit is not granted to unmarried couples in case they do not live together. According to Finnish law, partners in distance relationships are not considered family members.
However, in some cases, a person may be eligible for a temporary (B) residence permit in Finland based on a romantic relationship; the relationship between a person and their partner must be established with valid proof. Proof of an established relationship would be to marry each other in Finland, but it is required that a person or their partner should not be married to a person.
To obtain a residence permit, one must have sufficient funds to secure their income. These funds must be at a person's free disposal, for example, in a bank account under one's name. The payment of your partner residing in Finland will not be considered.

If your spouse is refused a residence permit

A person's spouse will not be granted a residence permit if they do not meet the requirements for a residence permit. The permit can also be refused if it is proved that the spouses have entered into marriage purely for the sake of the Finnish residence permit with no intention of leading a family life together. Officials may suspect that a person has married for the sake of a residence permit; for example, if a person married after a short courtship, there is a significant age difference between a person or an individual among a couple who has had several temporary marriages. If one receives an adverse residence permit decision, you may file an appeal to the Administrative Court. Appeal instructions are appended to the notification letter.