Study and Student visa for Germany

Study and Student visa for Germany

Study in Germany

Germany is a paradise for people who are willing to study in Europe. When it comes to higher education, Germany has always appeared at the top of the list. The reason is simple. In Germany, you will find many well-known universities recognized all over the world for their wonderful teaching. Germany has around 400 institutions providing higher education. The country allows you to choose courses of your choice from many. The degrees are highly valuable all over the world. One of the prime reason aspirants wish to Study in Germany is that most of the courses are taught in English. Another brownie point for studying in the country is the employability factor. Students graduated from universities in Germany are considered to be highly skilled in their jobs. Moreover, they are comparably well paid as well. This is because German people are considered tough to beat. When one groom in their social environment his or her ability to compete for increases drastically.

Indian students prefer Germany also because it has a long and rich history and culture. It has a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle that attracts youth from every corner of the world. The lifestyle here is mixes with the modern and the classics, the urban and the rural which will immerse and make you love every second spent here. There are more than 3,50,000 students annually who choose to Study in Germany. The cost of living in Germany is an average 800 euros per month. High standard of public transportation, fair tuition fee, multicultural exposure, etc. are few things which get in favor of Germany when an aspirant is planning to study abroad.

Student Visa for Germany

The first thing you need to do is to find out which type of visa you are required to have if you wish to go and pursue your studies in Germany. The length of your stay in Germany along with its nature and other aspects decide what sort of visa you need. There are three types of Student Visa for Germany you can apply for:

  • German Student Visa - It is the standard student visa of Germany issued to international students who have been secured his/her admission to a German university and are ready to start their studies once visa is approved as a full-time student of a university program.

  • German Student Applicant Visa - This visa does not allow you to study in Germany. It will only permit you to be a part of the application process of any German university.

  • German Language Course Visa – If you wish to study only the German language, the government will issue this visa for you.

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