Study in Austria

Study in Austria - Aerial View of Visa rules for students

Austria has twenty-two globally respected universities and over 500 study options and courses available in Austrian Higher Education Institutes. Located in central Europe, Austria offers a wide variety of high quality education to the world. There are 20 public universities offers 246 different programmes and twelve private universities providing best in class education in Austria. Austria provides two types of Visas which suit the best to students belonging from countries outside Austria and European Union. One is for student staying in Austria for up to six months and second for student staying in Austria for more than six months for education.

6 Months Visa – Residence visa D - The Visa allows you to enter, stay and study in Austria for minimum of 91 days and maximum of 180 days. This will enable you to explore 26 different countries of Schengen zone, these are the countries which have abolished passport and other border controls for international travel purpose. However the time spent in these countries will be included in your stay of 180 days. Austrian government has also made a provision for family members of student to accompany them. Family members can also apply for similar Residence Visa D for maximum stay of 6 months. To get visa one must ensure to have

Similarly students and families can apply for residence visas for more than 6 months. It is advisable that one should start the application process three months in advance while you wait for the confirmation from the university of your admission and residence. However students have to provide proof of financing your stay in Austria i.e –

What you need before applying Visa to Austria:

Confirmation of admission by university, Proof of accommodation in Austria: e.g. rental contract, accommodation contract with a student’s hall of residence, travel health and accident insurance that is valid in Austria, Police clearance certificate, Proof of sufficient funds to finance your stay in Austria like bank deposits (students up to the age of 24 – EUR 502.24/- and student’s age above 24 – EUR 909.24/- per month). For family members financial proof of EUR 1363.52/- per month and additional amount of EUR 140.32/- per month for each child should be provided. Apart from these all other legal identity documents are must.