Student Visa Consultant

Why Student needs a Visa Consultant?

The primary role of any visa or immigration consultant is to help prospective students with hectic paper work, documentation, basic understanding of rules and regulation, code of conduct in a university, guiding on admission procedures and financial implications etc. There are two large misconceptions in society – first, Visa consultants just make money out of your need and do not play any role in your visa approval process as the entire process is carried out by the embassy of any country. Second, large chunk of people believe that hiring services of visa and immigration consultant would guarantee the visa approval and secure admission in the desired overseas university. However, the actual truth lies somewhere in between of these popular myths.

Visa consultant plays a mediator between a prospective students who are looking to make a career and the embassy of the country. An expert and experienced visa consulting agency helps students to strictly abide with all desired documents and clauses. This in turn actually increases the chances of approval of visa application. On the other hand, visa consultants with their rich experience can guide you to the best education institutes as per your field, knowledge and experience. All universities have strict admission and filtering process. It happens at times that application gets rejected on technical grounds and not on merit. The visa consultants would always take care of your technical part both during admission process and during visa application process.

Also there are various types of visas offered by countries. It is difficult to figure out which one is the best suited for student profile. Visa consultants help you out with the selection of right kind of visa in place, not only this would fulfil your current requirement of being a student but will take care of future prospects. For e.g. – some countries offer visas only for study purpose and for employment you need to apply a fresh one. But again there are rules in few countries to convert the form of visa. This information can be easily obtained from a visa consultant which otherwise is difficult to get once you landed in a foreign country.

To sum up, the visa consultants would not guarantee you a visa but would surely make your visa process hassle free. Your technical documentation and other requisites will be taken care of. On the other hand, you would get complete consultation of shortlisting the universities which are best suited for you and guidance in admission process to make life easy.