Study in Europe without IELTS

Studying in Europe is always a good idea. The welcoming culture of the continent, world-class education, work opportunities, lifestyle, fun, etc. are the few reasons why students get attracted towards Europe. Being a European education visa consultant, we get frequent enquiries from students who have the aspiration to study in Europe but do not have an IELTS score. In this blog, we would like to make it clear that such aspirants can also make their dream come true. We, at Golden Future, has assisted hundreds of students to study in Europe without IELTS. The score of the IELTS exam in Europe is exempted in the number of universities. Indian students are always looking for something new and these universities provide the best opportunity for them. In the past decade, the number of Indian students going to Europe without IELTS to study has increased significantly. Many universities in Europe take the students without IELTS. Students can pursue his study in Poland, Latvia, Cyprus, and Estonia, etc. without IELTS which reflect as a study in Europe is easy for the students. Golden Future guides the student to opt for the country without IELTS so that students can complete their education without any hurdle. There are a large number of students who wish to study abroad but due to IELTS, they are unable to do. Countries and universities in Europe have a policy that allows international students to complete their education without the English language test score.

Study in Europe with IELTS

Europe has 44 countries and most of them are respected for their educations system. Europe is the birthplace of the modern education system and is home to some of the first universities of the modern era. When someone is planning for pursuing education, be it graduation or masters, one should ask that will he/she is qualified enough for the best universities or institutions? Well, first of all, it is possible to Study in Europe with IELTS exam score. This is the first and foremost requirement to get admission in any European university. The IELTS (International English language test) is conducted by the British Council to assess your grasping power of the English language in which all courses are offered to international students. After working hard to achieve high scores on their IELTS test – the International English language test from the British Council – many students want to know where their English-language scores can lead them, and wonder whether they are good enough to get into the best universities in the world.

To answer this question, at Golden Future, we have compiled a list of universities in Europe that accept international students with IELTS scores from 5.0 to 7.0. If you have a valid IELTS score and looking for the study opportunities in Europe get in touch with us.

Golden Future is an exclusive education visa consultant for Europe. If you have an IELTS score then Study in Europe with IELTS score is not a big challenge. Just get in touch with us. We have a pool of universities that can accommodate you based on your score. In case you wish to study in Europe without IELTS, we have a list of universities and countries in Europe that are respectable, provide international quality education, and best suited in your case. Our expert counsellors will guide you through the entire process of admission and visa application process. Let's Talk With Experts.