Student Visa for Europe

Student Visa for Europe

If you are planning to pursue your higher studies, be it graduation or post-graduation, Europe is the destination you should look for. Europe is home to 44 countries that means you have 44 different options available at your disposal to choose from. European countries are part of the European Higher Education Area. This helps in ensuring higher education across Europe compatible with each other. The benefit for Indian students of this structure is direct. If you wish to pursue another course in a different European University, the system facilitates secure direct enrollment as grades and marks are pen downed in the same format. However, it must be remembered that each country in Europe has a different education system but compatible with each other. All Indian students need Student Visa for Europe or of the respective country of Europe to pursue the studies there. Students need to apply for a student visa or a temporary resident visa designed for students that fit for the purpose. With such a visa you can stay in the respective country for a fixed period.

There is also a provision of a Schengen visa which is valid for up to 180 days. With Schengen visa, you can visit all 26 member country of Europe as a tourist while you study over there. There is no separate travel visa need to be issued for the same purpose.

Requirements for Study visa for Europe?

All countries in Europe have specific visa requirements for students. At times it depends on the nature of the course, the time duration of the study programme, etc. A few countries provide visas till the tentative completion of your studies while in some cases you are allowed to stay back for some time after completion of studies. Irrespective of the timeline of a valid visa there are some set pre-requisite to apply for Study visa for Europe. They are as follows:

  • Valid Passport – The validity of the passport must exceed the duration of your stay in a European country. At the same time, you must ensure that there should be at least two blank pages in your passport booklet.
  • Financial Capability – Countries in Europe demands to showcase sufficient funds in student’s bank account to assure that he/she can sponsor the studies and cost of living. Some countries like Germany, France has a predetermined formula of calculating the cost of living. The tuition fee and other expenses are added to get to the total amount you must have to apply for a student visa.
  • Language Proficiency – All courses offered to international students are in the English language. Hence, an internationally valid IELTS exam score is a must that fulfills the criteria.
  • SoP – Statement of Purpose is self-curated documents that need to be submitted with the visa application form. It states the purpose of why one is applying for a visa, why he/she chose a particular country, university/college, and course.

These just a few requirements shared for reference. You can get in touch with Golden future team to have a detailed list of requirements to apply for Student Visa for Europe. We are a full-time study visa consultant for Europe. Nobody knows Europe and its infrastructure, policies, admission guideline, etc. better than us. We have helped many students is the past to get the Study Visa for Europe. You can also get in touch with us and make your dream come true. We are providing online counselling as well. In case you are unable to travel to our office, consult us online.