Study in Finland for Indian Students

Study in Finland for Indian Students

Finland is known for its cold weather, its nicknames like "the land of a thousand lakes", and “the home of Santa Claus” - Lapland. Study in Finland for Indian students can also introduce this innovative country and get world-class higher education.

Finland for Indian students is a trendy destination now, so let’s learn how much it costs to study in Finland and live in Finland for Indian Students?

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1. University tuition fees for Indian Students to study in Finland

In Finland, public universities do not charge tuition fees for students from EU/EEA countries or Switzerland. Starting from 2017, the non-EU/EEA tuition fee for Study in Finland for Indian students will vary between 4,000 to 18,000 EURO annually depending on the degree and university an Indian student chooses to study in Finland.

Universities we recommend to study in Finland for Indian students are         

  • Aalto University
  • LUT University
  • University of Turku
  • University of Vaasa
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Indian students who are willing to study in Finland can also apply for a scholarship program. Each public university in Finland has a scholarship program, so study in Finland for Indian Students can be an excellent opportunity to reduce the costs of their education.

2. Student living costs in Finland for Indian Students

In Finland depending on the city and area in which they will live, a student on average will need about 700 – 900 EURO per month. Living costs in Helsinki will be expensive more compared to cities like Laaperanta, Pori, and Tampere which will give affordable lifestyle during the study in Finland for Indian students.

3. Accommodation costs in Finland for Indian students

There will be two main accommodation options available to international students including Indian Students during their stay for Study in Finland:

Student housing foundations: In these a single room in a shared student apartment will cost about 160 – 380 EUR/month. Students can also choose a single apartment, which is more expensive.

Rent/Share a flat cost between 400 – 800 EURO per month, and their charges vary depending on many factors like their nearness to the city center, the size of the city.

Sharing the flat with other students comes at the convenience of lowered overall costs.

4. Food costs during Study in Finland for Indian Students

Just like accommodation food expenses are different in different cities, on average, groceries from the local supermarkets would cost around 200 - 250 EURO per month.

Indian student during their stay for study in Finland can save money by shopping from discount supermarkets.

Shopping in the evening comes at the benefits of discounts.

If a student wishes to eat out they’ll have to shall out about 11 EURO per meal in an affordable restaurant. It’s always better to dine-in than dine-out for Indian student

5. Transportation costs

Indian students get around the city using public transport. The public transportation pass for university students is between 35 and 50 EURO per month. Renting a car would cost around 230 EURO for five days.

6. Extra costs

Living costs for students in Finland also include small expenses like:

The student union membership fee: between 80 - 100 EURO per academic year. Students will receive the student card and which will give them discounts for public transport and in student restaurants.

Social activities: around 100 EURO per month