Study in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine

Want to study in Ukraine? It's easy if you do it in the right way.

Are you looking to pursue your further education in Ukraine? If so, this article is going to shed light on each and every fact about studying in Ukraine. Ukraine is best known for its culture and history where multiple students wish to study. But before you plan to study in Ukraine, it's a wise idea to shortlist the things you need. Having your hands on a Ukraine study visa isn't enough, there are other factors that you need to consider to do each and every thing in the right way.

Things You Need To Know About Your Study Trip To Ukraine!

Before you travel miles to study abroad Ukraine, it's important to know certain things that you must carry with you on your study trip.

  1. Your invitation letter that you need to get from the Ukrainian University. Also known as an invitation to study, this letter will act as a proof that you're going to study in Ukraine. Remember, there is a certain procedure associated with it. You need to submit the important documents like school and college leaving certificates, valid legal documents and a valid passport. Make the payment for the services and then wait until you receive your invitation letter.
  2. Study visas should always be prioritized as students need to have it before anything. Your first step to get a Ukraine study visa is to prepare and collect the necessary documents required. A list of documents you should prepare before you rush to your visa interview are: Authentic scholarship letter, Bank statement indicating that you can cover the study expenses, Recent medical certificate, Sponsor ID or passport,  PAN card photocopy, Aadhar card photocopy, Birth certificate, 10 recent photographs, Photocopy of an international passport.
  3. Carry your international passport along with you while you move to study in Ukraine. To get your hands on a Ukraine study visa, you need to submit your documents along with filling various necessary forms.
  4. Authentic or certified copies of your qualifications can be checked at any time. Make sure you have everything handy to avoid hustle and bustle at the last moment.
  5. Your next step is to buy your airline tickets. The reason is that the students are responsible to make their own arrangements for travelling. To ensure that you get the best travel plans, it's a wise idea to contact a travel agent. They can help you to choose the best plan that fits your needs and your budget. Remember, don't wait until the last moment to get your hands on all your travel documents.
  6. Once you've completed the above steps, your next and final step should be communicating with the respective Ukrainian University. You need to give them the information regarding your flight booking.

Final Words

By following the above steps and keeping certain things in mind, you can freely study in Ukraine. If you feel you don't have necessary knowledge or you want to get some extra help, it's a smart idea to choose help from a reputable consultant. They will help you walk through the hoops of admission and visa procedure. Get ready to say hello to Ukrainians!