Study in Ukraine for Indian Students

Study in Ukraine for Indian Students

Step By Step To Study in Ukraine for Indian Students. 

Are you an Indian student planning to Study in Ukraine? If yes, you need to meet multiple requirements before you can fly to Ukraine. One of the most important things that you need to go through is the "Study Visa For Ukraine". The embassy of Ukraine in India issues a student study visa to Indian students who wish to pursue their future education in Ukraine. If you're here wondering about how you can easily get your hands on a visa, make sure you read the article to find out. Check out your first important step to Study in Ukraine for Indian Students.

●      Get your acceptance letter from the Ukrainian university. 

First of all, you need to get your study confirmation letter from the Ukraine university you want to prefer. This letter is known as an "Invitation to Study" that will ensure that you're going to study in a respective university in Ukraine. 

Here are a few requirements that you need to fill to receive your acceptance letter. 

  1. Fill an online form available at the website of the university you prefer. 

  2. Submit your valid document of school and college leaving certificates and filled personal data application along with the valid passport. 

  3. Make payment for the services included in it. The charges will include an Invitation letter charge, a Visa confirmation fee as well an express courier service.

Once you've completed the above steps, you will receive your Study in Ukraine for Indian Students invitation letter within a week. 

●      Prepare the necessary documents. 

The next step is to apply for your Study in Ukraine visa. Carry and submit certified documents to get your long-stay visa in Ukraine. The documents that you need to have to apply for your visa are the ID/passport of the sponsor, original scholarship letter, bank statement to make sure you can cover the study expenses, recent medical certificate, PAN card photocopy, Aadhar card photocopy, birth certificate, 10 recent photographs and a photocopy of international passport. 

●      Schedule visa interview. 

Once you've successfully submitted the required documents, you need to prepare and schedule your visa interview. This is an important aspect of getting a visa to study in Ukraine for Indian Students. During your interview, the counselor will ask you important questions regarding the course, university, intention, and documents. If you feel the process is complicated, don't hesitate to ask for help from experts. 

●      Time to travel. 

Once you've successfully received your Study in Ukraine for an Indian Students visa, you should pay attention to booking flight tickets. Remember, you need to inform the Ukrainian university regarding your flight and arrival. Inform them regarding Flight Number, Flight Departure Time, Flight Arrival Time, VISA Details, and Passport number. 

Wrap up! 

Lastly, make sure you check all the facts beforehand to avoid future complications. Feel free to ask for help as there are consultants who are ready to help you with the visa process as well as the admission process. Make your Study in Ukraine dream turn into reality. It's time to apply for a visa and fly to Ukraine.