France Student visa for Indians

France Student Visa for Indians


Consultancies based in India like Golden Future always get queries for France student visa for Indian students who want to further their career by studying in French universities. A student visa for France from India helps students not only get the best education by getting admission to a French university but also opens up doors for cultural and linguistic exposure.

Golden Future helps thousands of students in the admission process in universities in France by getting them through the easy process of France student visa for Indians. The education standards of France's is one of the best you’ll find in Europe, with many French universities listed in the QS World University Rankings always. French Universities come with outstanding academic and research facilities and over 800 courses taught in English.

For international students, France is a popular destination for higher education and with Indian international students, it is a destination that opens up doors for new opportunities which are why Student visa for France from India is popular.

Basic information

As the second-largest country in the EU, France, stretches from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. It also is one of the largest economies in Europe in terms of GDP. As a leading industrial economy and an efficient farm sector, France is not only an important country but also Asian countries like India who have been close in strategic partners in defence, nuclear energy.

France as Important Education Hub

France is the world's 3rd largest country to host the most international students which makes France the go-to place for college and university education and consultants like Golden Future help Indian students go for a France Student visa for Indians.

The Higher Education System

France ranks 2nd amongst the countries of Europe in terms of the number of Indian students it welcomes. Universities in France has over 800 courses taught in English, and today, many Indian students are currently studying in France with a Student Visa for France from India.

Student visa for France From India

For Student Visa for India students there are the following visa types:

Student Visa for Indian Students to sit in entrance exams.

Students can go to France to sit for one or more entrance exams with a Student Visa for Indian Student. Students can apply for a visa for sitting entrance exams.

Temporary long-stay visa

This is the type of student visa, which allows the Indian student to stay and study in France for six months. With this temporary France Student visa for Indians, a student does not need to for a residence permit.

Long-stay visa

This France Student visa for Indians is for staying for long and an extended period of time, This visa is meant for students who want to stay and study in France for more than six months.

How to apply for a France Visa from India

Consultancies like Golden Future help students get a France Student visa for Indians for studying purposes in France. Golden Future has extensive knowledge of the process for Student Visa for France from India and this makes them the perfect consultancy for Indian Students who wish to go abroad to France for studies.

Golden Future helps in Student Visa for France from India as well as the admission process in the worlds best French universities. Getting visa services for France Student visa for Indians with trusted consultancies like GOLDEN FUTURE will give students the best opportunity of studying in France for the best education.