Statement of Purpose

What is a Statement of Purpose?

Statement of purpose is not a common phenomenon as one seek admission in Indian universities but in Europe, the Statement of Purpose is one of the most crucial aspect while an individual wishes to crack admission in any University. A Statement of Purpose in nothing but an individual essay or a running paragraph. A good statement of Purpose should reflect clarity of thoughts in terms of career goals, future objectives and should be able to answer a basic question – Why you wish to join a particular course in a particular university? Few more questions that can be answered in a Statement of Purpose can be – How the university and the course will help in achieving your career objectives? How you as a student/scholar can contribute to the university? What are your past achievements etc.? To be honest there is no well-defined and accepted structure of Statement of Purpose which is valid all across Europe. What worked for your friends and relatives in past might not work for you.

While you aim at quality education from a world class university in Europe, they expect the similar qualities in their students. A statement of Purpose is the first step in the screening of application form. It should be developed in such a way it must leave a positive impact on professors. In this process we should remember that they certainly not like to go through the same stuff put in different words one after another. Hence, taking a Google template and develop the statement of purpose for study in Europe might not be a good idea. We at Golden Future, can help you building a suitable and personalized statement of purpose which is true reflection of you and your goals.

Few points that you must keep in mind while you prepare your Statement of Purpose (SoP) are as follows:

  • The SoP should bring clarity of thoughts and your goals.
  • Your list of achievements in academics and in society as a citizen should be highlighted.
  • Many universities have prescribed word limits hence you should complete your SoP within the limits and avoid unnecessary details.
  • SoP should look formal but not monotonous. It should give a feel like one is talking in your absence.
  • Avoid praising universities. The professors knows better about their institutes hence focus in SoP should be on what are the aspects which you feel good about.
  • Be honest, any exaggerated claims may lead you to trouble in selection process.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are number of aspects which need to be taken care of which depends on countries where you are planning to apply. To get more insights kindly consultant us on how to prepare an application for study in Europe, reach us at earliest. Our team at Golden Future, would be more than pleased to help you.