best for study in Europe

Which country is best for study in Europe?

Anyone who wishes to study abroad always considers a country from Europe as their study destination. And why not! Europe is the one of the oldest continents, and each and every nation has unique culture, rich history, and offers new and interesting to explore. When you choose country from Europe as your study destination you will get endless opportunities. If you also want to go to Europe for further study but don’t know which country is best for your studies! As a one of the top Europe education consultants in Ahmedabad we covered 5 best countries in Europe for studies, for your help.

Read on to know more about best European countries to studies 

• France
• Italy
• Poland
• Finland
• UK

Europe has numerous universities and educational institutes to choose from. While you make your decision on any country, you must consider the living cost; quality of education, education cost and the best nations to study in Europe, all these factors will help you. Research about the European countries and their education system, you will get more confidence to make your decision. Every year thousands of students apply for Visa for study in Europe. Studying abroad is a life changing moment for you so choose wisely!


It always sounds good to study in France, right! Every year many students choose France their study destination. France is the amazing country to study as its 10 universities are listed in the world’s top 300 universities. France is filled with historical art and ha wonderful culture. You can explore some of the fantastic cities during your studies.

The cost for bachelor’s degree is around 170 euros for a year. The cost of tuition fees for engineering programs is higher, around 600 euros for a year. Some of the popular universities in France are University of Paris, Sorbonne University, PSL Research University, etc.


Located in the southern part of the Europe Italy is popular for its rich culture, lovely weather, delicious cuisine, and beautiful architecture. It has 34 globally ranked universities. The education cost affordable, especially in public institutes. 

Average tuition fees ranges between 850 to 1,000 euros. For the EU students tuition fees is lower as compared to no-EU students. The Italian government also offers scholarships to help student with their education cost. University of Milan, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Siena etc. are some of the top universities in Italy. 


Poland is the leading European country when it comes to literacy rate, more than 1.5 million people enrolled for higher education institutions. Universities in Poland hold reputation in providing quality education around the world. Hundreds of candidates apply for visa for study in Europe to pursue their higher studies in Poland. Particularly for Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, and Information Technology graduates are worldwide appreciated. 

While living in Poland you will get chance to explore fascinating culture, lovely atmosphere and happening city life. The education cost is low in Poland. University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian, University of Wrocław, Adam Mickiewicz University etc are top universities in Poland.


Home to some of the renowned universities including Cambridge and oxford UK is the amazing country to choose for higher studies. UK is always been a popular study abroad destination for students around the globe. 

Vibrant culture, rich education system, bustling life style soothing weather these are some reasons that every year many students applies for United Kingdom for their higher studies.


Finland is a renowned country in Europe when it comes to higher education. Education system in Finland adopts a multi-disciplinary approach of combining self-studies with problem solving and you will get most amazing learning experience. Finland ha higher rate of applicants for higher education internationally. 

The minimum tuition cost is 1,500 euro per year that is set by the Finish government for both bachelor’s and master's degree, but you can also see higher charge in many institutes. University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Oul are some of the well-known universities in Finland.


We hope that this article will help you to choose best country for your studies. If you want personal guidance related to study in Europe or a visa for study in Europe get in touch with expert foreign education counselor at Golden Future. Being a one of the top Europe education consultants in Ahmedabad we helping applicants to study abroad.