Why Study in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland

If you are planning to study in Europe, you have more than 44 options to choose from. The selection of the study destination becomes confusing in the lack of information. We, at Golden Future, get more frequent inquiries where people are interested to study in Ireland. With this blog, we will make a genuine attempt to throw some light on the country so students can make a better and well-informed decision. Ireland is a beautiful island country, combining contemporary modern cities with an idyllic countryside, cityscapes steeped in history, and rich natural habitat. The Republic of Ireland is known for adventure, history, immersive culture, welcoming environment, numerous work opportunities, and entertainment. It has been consistently finding its place in the top 20 countries of the world for peace, human development, and exceptional quality of life. This comes with the excellent education infrastructure that Ireland has which serves as a backbone for the country’s development. Many MNCs in Europe have made Ireland their regional headquarters hence there is a large scope of a promising career in Ireland. Following are the reasons why one should go to Ireland for pursuing higher studies:

  • World-class education institutes
  • Leading country of Europe for innovation & research
  • One of the safest country on earth
  • The welcoming Irish culture for all international students
  • Opportunity to work while you learn

Study in Ireland Cost

Before you make any decision on studying abroad it is important to figure out the total expenses for the same. Ireland is comparatively cheaper in terms of the tuition fee of the universities. The cost of living is also low compared to other major destinations for studying abroad. In a nutshell Study in Ireland Cost remains within a budget of Indian common man. At the same time, there is no compromise on the quality of education and opportunities. Talking about the tuition fee, it depends upon the degree you choose to pursue. On average the fee remains between €10,000 to €25,000 per year. Moving on to the cost of living, it is surprisingly low compared to its neighboring countries. Most institutions in Ireland offer on-campus residence facilities to international students. You can also opt for off-campus residential space. Many Indian students in Ireland go with the second option. Hence you won’t find it difficult to search for off-campus accommodation. You can get such a place for you in around € 400.  It is also easy to manage the cost of living in the country. However, we suggest you keep track of your expenses. If we keep communication expenses, books, stationery, essential supplies, the living expense will be around € 10,000. This is indicative. The actual expenditure would depend upon your lifestyle.

It’s convenient to say that Study in Ireland is a good and logical option. We, Golden Future, are a professional student visa consultancy agency in Ahmedabad that suggest you visit our expert counselors. We can suggest the best university, course, and bring down your Study in Ireland Cost to a minimum. We provide complete assistance for Ireland visa, application filing, mock visa interview, etc. For more information, get in touch with us now.