Study in Europe post Covid-19

Study in Europe post Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. There is hardly any sector left which is not disrupted by this. The aftershock of disaster will continue for a while. From big business hubs to the global economy, everything has fallen. However, the global economy and the ecosystem have started coping up with the new normal. The changes are being faced by new social normas. The way of life is changing fast to adopt the new world post-covid-19.  Despite so much upheaval nobody knows when the situation will get normal. Study in Europe is also witnessing the changes. Aspirants who were planning to study in Europe are suffering a lot. Not only in India but aspirants all over the world are facing the dilemma of how to move ahead.

Students around the world, who were planning their higher studies in Europe, are now in flux. Their flight tickets, admission counseling, documentation, visa process, and other numerous efforts are producing no results for them. But hold on for a moment. As a professional student visa consultancy for Europe, we advise you not to panic. Universities around the world are putting their best efforts to somehow continue the learning and making some changes in administrative rules. However, Lockdown and safety of all students remain a concern but the efforts are in the way to normalize thins as soon as possible.

There is good news for both aspirants and universities in Europe. As per one report of India Today, after the COVID-19 lockdown, 91% of Indian students want to continue abroad studies and the UK, France, and Germany are the top choices among the students. The article further mentions that 76% of students are ready to start their study abroad planning within the next 6 -10 months (upcoming September or January intakes). This news is a reflection of the mindset of the society and education industry which is committed to adding value post-Covid-19. It also depicts the students' trust in European universities and their education quality.

Hybrid Study – The New Normal

By keeping all the factors in mind European universities have come with an outstanding solution name Hybrid Learning. The model allows imparting online learning for a couple of months followed by in-person learning when the borders get open and visa is issued. This Hybrid study is a mixture of distance learning mode and regular study mode which is the learning solution for the Fall’ 2020 intake students. European universities are engaging students more effectively with the help of alternative teaching tools like PowerPoint, course summaries, and pre-recorded lectures. With the new Hybrid education model in place, the students can continue with their dreams of study abroad. They can study for a couple of months from home until the situation gets normalized. There is also an economic aspect of this model. Since a significant period is spent at home, the expense of abroad accommodation will reduce to some extent. Students can use this money for some other benefits.

As a consulting agency for students for Europe, we understand that situation may not get normalize soon but the dreams of study abroad in Europe will surely not suffer much. The universities are making their efforts to get things back on track. Remember, for foreign students these universities are a source of knowledge and a promising career but at the same time as a foreign student, you are the intellectual asset for these universities which they can’t afford to lose. So keep your plans of studying in Europe intact. For more information on the process and updates post Covid-19, please get in touch with the team of Golden Future.