work on student visa in Denmark

Can you work on student visa in Denmark?

Denmark is one country which allows you to work while a study in Denmark itself. Many Indian students have opted for work while they pursue their studies in Denmark. We at Golden Future, are visa consultant for Denmark in Ahmedabad. We often come across with the query whether the students can engage themselves in work while studying in Denmark or not. Let us take this opportunity to address this and other related concerns.

International students are entitled to work on a student visa in Denmark part-time while they pursue their studies. The maximum working hours allowed in Denmark is 20 per week. During the period of June – August, Universities in Denmark also allows you to work full time. The only thing you need to get a full time or part-time work is your limited work permit and residence permit in Denmark. In many cases your residence permit also allows you to stay for six more months after completion of your higher studies to search for job in Denmark. In case you have not previously permitted for six months extension, you may apply for the same and look for work in Denmark. 

While you plan to study and work in Denmark It is worth to note that the country has no law to secure minimum wages for international students or even for local laborers. The wages are decided on the basis of negotiation between the employer and the employment seeker. There are a number of trade unions in Denmark who can advise you on the appropriate wage for a job.  We suggest you to join one of the trade unions to get the idea but with a word of caution – please read the contract of the union before you sign it. Some academic institutions also have their online portals that can assist you in finding the right kind of job. The average earning for a student in Denmark remains between 10 to 12 Euros per hour.

We also suggest you to learn Danish before landing in Denmark or learn once you land there. Danish speaking is not must for students looking for a part-time job in Denmark but added additional advantage which helps in searching and securing the job. 

We at Golden Future are expert in assisting aspirants who look to study in Denmark and also who are looking to do some work on a student visa in Denmark. We can provide all details needed to secure a part-time job in Denmark and on its requirements like residence permit in Denmark. So if you are interested and planning to study and work in Denmark, get in touch with us soon.