COVID-19 Impact on Study Abroad

COVID-19 Impact on Study Abroad

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life around the world especially those who want to plan study abroad. In order to manage the outbreak many countries including India announced travel restrictions and complete lockdown. These restrictions will definitely impact your international travel and study plans. However, Covid-19 impact on study abroad is not yet clear and still unfolding because there is no such guideline or notice has been issued by any university or college to restrict foreign students especially European countries.

As we all know that Coronavirus affected all aspects of our life and so is affecting study abroad. As far as new session is concern it is still not clear that whether they will allow foreign students and most important thing when the situation get normalize. If you have already applied and got selected for a university or college you might have to wait because most of the universities conducting online classes and we believe that this is the right solution because of the high risk of potential spread of the epidemic.

Country Wise Restrictions on Higher Education

We have compiled a list of European countries and their respective announcement or policies during Covid-19 –

Italy –

As we all know Italy is most affected country in the world and facing complete lockdown since last couple of weeks. All the universities suspended teaching activities in early march and no official announcement has been made yet about application for new session.

Germany –

Germany has implemented lockdown from 16the march, 2020 for non-essential activities. All universities have postponed their summer semesters. As far as winter semesters are concern no announcement has been made so far.

Lithuania –

Like other countries Lithuania also announces lockdown on 12th match and all the activities stopped in order to avoid corona spread. All the classes are either postponed or getting conducted online. No announcement has been made yet about upcoming semester.

Spain –

After Italy Spain was the second most affected country in Europe. The country is facing the biggest challenge in their entire history and all activities including universities are locked down. No news about next academic session yet.

Above are some major destinations who has more impact of corona and yet not finalize the plan for next academic session. Like above mentioned countries other countries like UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, France, Denmark, Belgium and Austria postponed the current academic activities and yet not announce anything about new session.

Covid-19 impact on study abroad is definitely there but still the things are not crystal clear. It is most likely depending on how soon world recover from corona pandemic.

To know more about country wise announcement about next academic session and application deadline and process stay tuned with us!